Message from Your LMA Midwest President: Vision for 2020

Your LMA Midwest leadership has kicked off 2020 with a bang! Our LMA Midwest Board of Directors and members of each of our Local Steering Committees’ Leadership met in mid-January to strategize for the year and to connect and learn from each other. We confirmed the following: 

Our 2020 Vision: Get Stuff Done

Building on the outstanding work done by prior regional boards, we will provide regular communication with our members to show sustained and tangible progress towards our Missions and Goals.

Our 2020 Missions:

  • Provide and communicate member value
  • Share knowledge and develop skills to grow our volunteer population
  • Be transparent and open in our communications with members and friends
  • Grow membership year over year
  • Ensure fiscal responsibility and budget oversight to provide long-term financial stability for the region and ensure our ability to best serve our members for years to come
  • Evaluate, revisit, streamline, and document processes to maximize volunteer and member experience

Our Regional Committees have designed their Goals with a focus on accomplishing these Missions and meeting our ambitious Vision.

I encourage you to explore opportunities to volunteer with LMA Midwest. Our Call for Volunteers remains open—volunteer for a committee if you want a truly rewarding growth opportunity; consider micro-volunteering for a few hours or for specific projects if time is tight.

Our Board and LSC Leaders are an energized, committed group focused on serving you, our members. We are all incredibly excited to support you throughout the year.

I’ll continue to regularly communicate with you and share our progress towards our Missions and Goals, and I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me as well. Thank you for your time and for your membership in LMA.

Megan McKeon
2020 LMA Midwest President
Director of Business Development
Clark Hill PLC


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