Midwest Your Honor Awards: Update on Program for 2020

The Your Honor Awards will be held on a regional basis going forward. As you may recall, we conducted the 2018 Midwest YHA virtually in November 2018. We want to do this in-person going forward, so we will be adding our awards to our annual Midwest conferences.

As our 2019 Midwest Regional Conference was in June, just seven months after our virtual YHA awards in 2018, we will coordinate our schedule beginning with next year’s 2020 Midwest Tech Conference in Chicago in June. This means your submissions will cover a period longer than 12 months for this first year in order to get us back on track while we tie them into our regional conferences. Stay tuned for more details and keep creating stellar work!

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the YHA program, please contact 2020 Midwest President Megan McKeon.

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