LMA Midwest Survey Results

In October 2017, your LMA Midwest Regional Board of Directors conducted a survey of the region’s membership to prepare for a great year in 2018. The survey covered areas including programming, membership, communications and leadership opportunities. Your responses to this survey have been important in helping us focus our priorities and plan 2018 initiatives.

Below are some highlights from the survey:

  • Respondents indicated the following are the five most valuable membership benefits of LMA:
    1. Professional Development
    2. Networking
    3. Local Group Programming
    4. Shared Interest Groups
    5. Online Webinars
  •  A total of 75% of respondents reported attending local programming sometimes or always. Roughly two-thirds of respondents indicated their satisfaction level with local programming in the Midwest region as good or excellent.
  •  The top five programming topics of interest as indicated by respondents were:
    1. Business development / sales functions
    2. Strategic planning
    3. Attorney coaching
    4. Marketing technology / digital marketing
    5. Professional / career development
  •  There was a 50/50 split between those who reported they attend the Annual Conference always or sometimes – and those who attend rarely or never.
  •  56% of respondents indicated interest in participating in a regional awards program.
  •  Responses to the question “What suggestions do you have regarding programming?” included:
    • AI, AI, AI!
    • Career development topics.
    • More group discussions.
    • More programs aimed at small firms or solo marketers.
    • Work/life balance topics.
    • Webcasting of all of our programs across the region.
    • Involvement of more speakers from outside the legal industry.
    • Data analytics / KM topics.
    • Programming directed at specific experience ranges (i.e. new marketers, senior marketers)
  •  Responses to the question, “What is the one thing you find most valuable about LMA?” included:
    • “The collaboration between my peers. I always have ‘go to’ people I have found through LMA.”
    • “My marketing budget does not allow for attending the national conference, so participating in the webinars and local programming is really beneficial.”
    • “Networking!!!!”
    • “Access to LMA programming, events and job listings.”
    • “The SIG groups help me generate ideas and gather intelligence outside my network.”
    • “Having access to a community of peers. Reaching out for guidance across the region - and the national association - to get a broader perspective is invaluable.”
    • “The many different options for learning - from the blog to Strategies to local programming.”
    • “Programming.” (numerous responses)

Methodology: LMA Midwest sent a link to the survey via email three times between October 12 and October 24, 2017 to approximately 2,000 contacts on our LMA Midwest mailing list (members as well as non-members). We received 176 responses (9% response rate). Of those who responded, 85% (150 people) are current members of LMA. Respondents represented all seven of the region’s local groups, and included in-house legal marketers as well as consultants and service providers.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to our 2017 survey. We have randomly selected the names of five respondents who will each receive a $50 Amazon gift card for participating:

  • Jill Heise, HBR Consulting (Chicago)
  • Emily Kovack, Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A. (Ohio)
  • Georgie Stocks, Fafinski Mark & Johnson, P.A. (Minnesota)
  • Jacob Darling, Riley Bennett & Egloff, LLP (Indianapolis)
  • Katherine Miletich, Vedder Price (Chicago)

Each of these lucky winners can expect to receive an email within the next week to claim the gift card. Congratulations!

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