Demystifying Video in a Remote Marketing World (Dec. 18, 2020)

The LMA NY Small Firm & MarTech SIGs, in response to the rising use of video for legal marketing objectives, hosted a webinar, “Demystifying Video in a Remote Marketing World.” The December 18, 2020 virtual session was aimed at showing how video can increase client engagement and give legal marketers a significant R.O.I.

Weiss, Robert 2020.jpgRobert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital, a New York City video production company that has produced more than 900 business videos, led the well-attended session.  Robert shared his knowledge, experience and strategies on how legal marketers can create professional and cost-effective video content, even in a remote working environment.

Key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • The mass appeal of video to business is its ease to digest in a short period of time. People can easily watch an informational video, on their computer or smartphone, and share links with others on their teams, in seconds.
  • Lawyers can showcase share their perspectives and personality, in addition to their skill sets, more personally through video.
  • Video content can be created to increase client engagement, generate new business, and increase awareness.
  • There is a first to market competitive advantage that firms can gain in the short term from adopting video content. Many law firms, according to a poll during the webinar, do not use video content to promote their firm’s partners and services.
  • Legal marketers can benefit from the help of a professional video production company, which provides everything from pre-production to direction to post-production editing, in addition to high-quality cameras and equipment, to ensure partners look and sound their best.
  • Firms can still create quality video content even with a remote workforce. One solution, Remote Video Capture, can maintain the professional services of a director to coach partners, record up to 4K video via mobile devices or computer and provide professional editing services.

Mr. Weiss emphasized that firms could create videos using a wide range of budgets, depending on how deeply they want to get involved. He concluded the session by reminding us that, whether your firm is just getting started with video, or doubling down, the aim is to have quality video content that showcases your offices, partner skill sets and other marketing assets. Video content is extremely versatile and can be repurposed over and over according to your marketing needs and budget, further incentive to jump ahead of your competitors and adopt video content as a long-term strategy.

If you missed the session or attended and want to review it, click here for a full recording of the webinar or here for the PowerPoint slides.

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