NY Small Firm SIG Lunch Program Recap: The Law Firm Revolution: Marketing Your Law Firm from the Inside to Out

Mannino Barbara.jpgOn April 18, the New York Local Small Firm SIG Group hosted a lunch gathering, “The Law Firm Revolution: Marketing Your Law Firm from Inside to Out.” The program featured award-winning journalist, marketing consultant and writer Barbara Mannino who discussed her book, The Law Firm Revolution, and shared strategies on how leadership and practice management can amplify a firm’s marketing efforts.

Barbara espoused on the compass for a law firm and, specifically, the need to create: Vision (what we want to be), Mission (why we exist) and Values (what we believe in). For those firms that have clearly identified Vision, Mission and Values, each should be visible, discussed often and internalized on all levels.

The program covered the importance of short- and long-term goals as they pertain to the business development and marketing activities of law firms today; how attorneys and senior administrative staff interact with and communicate with their staff and why it is important; and how workspace design and soft touches affect employees and the significance of both of these. Barbara devoted part of her discussion on how law firm marketers can influence lawyers to take a more active role in business development.

Barbara noted research showing that many attorneys dislike developing new business, although they are great communicators. These data points led to a lively discussion about how this dynamic varies from firm to firm depending on culture, and how obtaining buy-in from the top always helps marketers be more effective.

Many thanks to Barbara for offering her insights, Brandie Knox who introduced Barbara to us, and Andrea Stimmel, Zetlin & De Chiara for hosting the lunch and donating the space. 

The Small Firm SIG is comprised of New York Local LMA members who are responsible for marketing law firms defined by less than 100 attorneys or fewer than fivemarketing professionals.  his SIG provides timely information on an array of legal marketing issues so that smaller firms can maximize the time and resources they have and increase business development efforts. To learn more about the NY Small Firm SIG, contact its co-chairs, Kimberly A. Connolly or Brandie Knox

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