Board Spotlight: Leeann Lee

Board Spotlight: Leeann Lee

What is your role for LMASE? As the Secretary for the LMASE Board, I’m responsible for recording and maintaining all of the official Board communication – meeting minutes and agendas, work plans and reports, internal correspondence, policies and more. In a nutshell, the Secretary helps the Board keep track of activity and operate effectively.

What are you interested in learning more about? Within LMASE, I am looking forward to learning how the different LSCs engage their members through networking and outreach. There are so many great ideas out there!

Outside of LMASE, I am learning more about coastal conservation efforts in Florida. Growing up in South Florida, I took the beach and mangroves for granted. My husband and I are about to become empty-nesters as our only child prepares to leave for college this fall, and we have started spending more time kayaking the coastal waterways/lagoons in East Central Florida. I’m beginning to understand the hurdles conservationists are facing as they work to protect coastal environments around the state. Eventually, I would like to become involved in advocacy and preservation efforts.

How do you define success? For me, personal and professional success both involve a level of satisfaction – knowing that I have done the best job possible, that I have been able to accomplish that success on my own terms, that I have learned something along the way, and that ultimately I made a positive difference.

Any exciting LMA news to share? The Board and LSCs are planning a fantastic year of programming and networking. This is a great time to be a member of LMASE!

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Board Spotlight: Leeann Lee

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