2020 LMANext Program Now Accepting Applications

Are you a legal marketing professional with less than five years of experience, looking to advance your career, sharpen your skills, and more effectively contribute to your team? We have the program for you. The 2020 LMA Southeast Region will once again offer LMANext, an innovative videoconference and webinar series previously branded as the Future Leader’s Roundtable and led by GrowthPlay.


Our 2020 program will help participants build and support your personal brand; understand marketplace trends; leverage best practices for professional relationship-building; counsel strategic networking; and give familiarity with paths to leadership within LMA and more.


The series is led by the dynamic Holly Barocio, Senior Consultant with GrowthPlay. Holly brings more than 15 years of legal industry experience, including her previous role as head of the marketing and client services department of a mid-sized law firm in Chicago. This year, she will be joined by Jen Forester, who has 24 years of marketing and business development and legal publishing experience. Prior to consulting, Jen served in business development leadership positions at two west coast law firms.


The six-part program will run from May to November (we’ll take July off for vacations). Each session will consist of a one-hour video conference session, with participants in each city gathered in one location to facilitate further networking and camaraderie.


In addition to career-enhancing knowledge, LMANext will serve as a relationship catalyst for our 2020 class. We will host a class happy hour in local groups where we have more than five people participating to enjoy LMANext fellowship. Additionally, participants who complete the six sessions will be recognized as Southeast “Nexters” in social media promotions.


The 2020 program is offered to LMASE members at NO CHARGE and non-LMASE region members for $150. We are now accepting registrations through May 1, 2020.


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