Regional Rumbles - LMASE Conference Scholarship Follow Up With Andrew Heaton

LMASE 2018 Conference Day One
When I applied for the LMASE Conference Scholarship, my hope was that I would get a great sense of what the biggest differences were between LMASE and LMA-Bay Area, my previous LMA Chapter (I moved in 2016, right as the great "Regionalization" effort was starting to be implemented). However, as I looked around the room during my first few minutes at the LMASE Conference there in Greenville, the biggest thing I was struck by was just how familiar it all seemed. I had spent four years in the Bay Area and had become very involved in the LMA Chapter there and the various activities and conferences. Here I was, an entire continent's width away from the last LMA Conference I had attended, and yet the professionalism and camaraderie around the room rang true and familiar from the start.
The first speaker we heard from at LMASE 2018 was our Keynote Speaker, Kevin Krone, the former CMO of Southwest Airlines. You knew this was going to be interesting, as Southwest has built a strong brand and reputation through a combination of smart marketing and key corporate values that have allowed it to stand out from the pack for a long time. I'm also always interested to hear from marketing officials from other industries. For many years, legal marketing was seen as an "other", not truly part of the traditional law firm world, but not quite the same as the marketing departments found in Fortune 500 corporations around the world. Over time that reputation has slowly changed, and in recent years it's been especially true that marketing departments in the legal world have more commonalities with traditional corporate marketing than differences (ok, maybe the marketing budgets still have some catching up to do).
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