LMASE Cares - LSC Challenge

We are excited to announce that we will be doing another LSC challenge this year leading up to the LMASE conference. The conference is partnering with the the Ronald McDonald House, but each individual LSC can partner with whichever local charity they choose.
The challenge will be based on a point system.
  • Onsite activities at the local charity will be worth 5000 points (retroactive to the first part of year for those who already completed one.)
  • Pop tops - every soup can filled is 100 points
  • Travel Shampoos, soaps or ANY donated item etc (from hotel or bought) is 10 points each. 
  • Every $10 raised is 500 points
  • Bonus points for creating fun & exciting photos showing creativity - 500 points will be awarded and the most creative will get 1000 points
Rothschild Marketing will donate $500 to the winning LSC. We are looking forward to seeing what all of the LSCs accomplish in their communities - Good luck!
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