LMASE Conference 2018 Your Honor Awards Tips

As the Regional Conference in Greenville, South Carolina fast approaches (September will be here before you know it!), the 2018 Your Honor Awards Committee, made up of the below members, is excited to share with you some tips to inspire ideas for this year's submissions. The Your Honor Awards highlight the impressive, innovative and inspiring projects that our members have led over the past year.
  1. Review last year's Your Honor Awards Book. Click here to view. 
  2. Don't forget to listen to LMASE's first Your Honor Awards Podcast. Click here to listen. 
  3. Actively think about projects to submit.
  4. Start gathering the materials!
2018 LMASE Your Honor Awards Committee
  • Abby Grace Brown, Business Development Coordinator at Burr Forman
  • Jessica Haarsgaard, Business Development Manager at McNair Law Firm and 2018 LMASE President-Elect
  • Vivian Hood, CEO/Owner at Jaffe
  • Shannon Lanier, Account and Marketing Director at Poston Communications and 2018 LMASE Board of Director, Director of Programming
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