LMA Rising Star & Hall of Fame Nominations

2018 Rising Star Criteria and Nominations
Candidates must show examples of their work and expertise such as:
    • Contributions to the profession (50%)
    • Contributions to LMA (20%)
    • Future leadership potential (20%)
    • Contribution to the community (10%)
    • Candidates must be an LMA member in good standing
  • Candidates must be 35 or younger or have less than 10 years overall professional work experience.
  • All nominations must include a summary of qualifications and three letters of endorsement (one from a member of LMA)
2018 Hall of Fame Criteria and Nominations
Candidates for the LMA Hall of Fame are selected based on the following criteria:
  • Contribution to LMA
  • Professional experience and capability
  • Advancement of the profession
  • Role model
They must have served as leaders in the organization as demonstrated by at least two of the three criterion listed below:
  1. Served on the board of directors of an LMA region/chapter or led a recognized local/city group.
  2. Served on the board of directors of LMA International.
  3. Served as a chair or co-chair of a minimum of two committees or task forces at LMA International and can demonstrate specific, measurable contributions made to LMA. Please include the number of years of membership and service at the international, national, conference or committee/task force levels.
LMA members in good standing may nominate peers for Hall of Fame consideration. Nominations must include:
  • Completed and signed nomination form
  • Summary of qualifications (no more than 1,000 words)
  • Three letters of endorsement
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