Top Six Tips for Communicating Value

On the third day, Jessica Aries of Peek & Toland PLLC shares her top six tips for communicating the value of digital and social media. Jessica served as the 2016 Social & Digital Media SIG co-chair.


I have a few tips for communicating value to lawyers/law firms and they include:


  1. Don’t be afraid to look up your competitors and use them as an example of someone doing it better;
  2. Pull Google Analytics data to help you justify the social and digital media campaigns you’re currently work on and their impact on the firm’s brand authority and visibility within the industry;
  3. Demonstrate the importance of thought leadership by showing your attorneys how others in their industry are doing it well;
  4. Once you have at least one interested attorney (aka guinea pig), make them your champion and really nurture their enthusiasm to transform them into a star social media user so that others in the firm start to take notice;
  5. Champion social media as not only a platform for growing your attorneys’ book of business, but also as a listening tool to help your attorneys discover their client’s businesses, values, and culture; and
  6. 92% of Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn and LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B leads from social media. In other words, if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you might as well not exist in the business world. It’s akin to not having a website in today’s digital savvy world.


Right now, our firm has really started to embrace live streaming in a big way and it’s made me really proud to see my firm grow and elevate its social media use in this way. We are a boutique immigration and criminal defense firm marketing to primarily Spanish-speaking immigrants, but we also boast our fair share of business clients. We have sometimes found it challenging to balance these two different client bases. We have had to really hone in our strategy on the various social media platforms to ensure our messaging fits our audience. Over the last two years, we’ve been using Facebook to post blog articles and other authority building content, but to be honest, we weren’t getting the best engagement from our target market on Facebook: immigrants.

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For a long time our Facebook strategy was English-focused because we found that the majority of our leads coming from Facebook were younger bilingual immigrants or children of immigrants. However, the demographic of Facebook has changed dramatically over the last three years, which meant our Facebook strategy needed to change too. (I mean, even my grandma is on Facebook for crying out loud.)

To shift strategies, we came up with a plan to record our lives streams in Spanish and to provide content that was not only valuable but highly relevant to the Spanish-speaking immigrant community. As a result of meeting our clients on their preferred platform (Facebook), in their preferred method of social media (live streaming), and in their preferred language (Spanish), we have grown engagement on the page, solidified our brand, built even more authority, and generated tons of leads from Facebook.

12 Days of Social Media 2019 - Jeff Peek - Oct. 23.png

But how did we convince the attorneys to try it? Ironically, we didn’t. (Note: Sometimes it happens this way and that’s okay. We can’t convince the attorneys to do all the great ideas we have, but when they come to us with a willingness to try something, it’s our jobs to help them make it successful.) Our managing partner came to us after he did a radio program that was live streamed. He had 1,000 people view his program and he wanted to see if he could get the same type of viewership for our firm Facebook page with a live stream of our own. Exactly one month later with this new Facebook strategy, we are proud to state that our most viewed Facebook live stream had over 100,000 views.

It’s exciting to see my firm and the attorneys step outside their comfort zone and try live streaming. Even if live streaming wasn’t the marketing department’s idea, I am excited to see our marketing department execute it so well. It makes me really proud of our attorneys and our awesome marketing team and their willingness to try new strategies, work as a team, and engage with our clients and prospective clients in a new way.

ABOUT Jessica Aries, J.D., LL.M.


Executive Director at Peek & Toland PLLC and Leadership & Career Strategist at By Aries

Jessica is the Executive Director at Peek & Toland PLLC, a boutique immigration law firm, where she advises and helps craft the firm’s strategic vision and executes strategy while managing the firm’s operations. When Jessica isn’t working on firm initiatives, she indulges in her passion for mentorship, advocacy, and leadership by helping mid-career professionals make the leap from corner cubicle to corner office at She writes regularly on issues pertaining to professional development, leadership, career advocacy, and navigating the challenges of being the only millennial voice (not to mention female and Latina) with a seat at the table.

Jessica currently serves as the LMA Diversity & Inclusion Committee co-chair, as a member of the LMA Technology Task Force, and is heading up the development of the LMA Next Program for the LMA Southwest Region.

Twitter: @jessdaries |  LinkedIn:


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