On The 1st Day Of Social Media, My SIG Leaders Gave To Me...

12 Days of Social Media

On the 1st Day of Social Media, your SIG Leaders gave to you, A Community Page In A Pear Tree!

Welcome! Your SIG Leaders, Lance Godard, Lindsay Griffiths, Gail Lamarche, Laura Toledo and Nancy Myrland are glad you're here!  

Since today is the kickoff of our "official" LMA Social Media SIG 12 Days of Social Media, we wanted to start here, our Community Page, the hub of all of our activity, not only for The 12 Days, but for all of our activity. We hope to see you here often...

  • Finding out about future events
  • Reading Social Media SIG News, including this blog
  • Reviewing webinars that have been recorded
  • Asking questions in the Forum
  • Uploading Social Media documents in the File Library you think our colleagues will find useful
  • Finding links to other blogs you might find useful
  • ...and many more tricks we have up our sleeves as we grow our Social Media Community Page! 

Please feel free to share the 12 Days of Social Media, as well as our Community Page, with all of your friends and colleagues! 

(Hint: We can always be found under the Members tab once you log on to the LMA website.)

Happy December....Happy 12 Days of Social Media....and Happy Holidays! 







Points for Creativity!!!

December 6, 2012 04:32 PM by Tina Johns

Awesome! So nice to see such a creative use of our new community tools and taking advantage of the blog feature in socious. Thanks for leading the way!!!

Hi Tina!

December 6, 2012 06:47 PM by Nancy Myrland

Hi Tina...thanks so much for stopping by! I'm glad you think this was a good use of our space.  We can't wait for everyone to join the community.  

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