On the 6th Day of Social Media: 6 Inspiring Innovators...

12 Days.pngOn the 6th Day of Social Media, your SIG Leaders gave to you: six inspiring innovators you’d do well to imitate.

  1. Heather Morse, who uses social media to create a community. The Legal Marketers Extraordinaire group on Facebook, created nearly four years ago, today has nearly 600 members drawn from all corners of the legal marketing world. And in doing so, Morse has created one of the most engaging and valuable resources for the community. It’s the place to go to brainstorm problems, find challenging and enlightening conversations, get ideas and feedback, and more generally hang with legal marketing peeps to build the relationships and bonds we need to do our jobs better. The group is open to all, but be careful: what happens in LME stays in LME. Break confidences, talk out of turn outside the group, or overstep the limits of the relationships you’ve developed, and you’ll find yourself banished. For life. And yes, it has happened. Visit the group to request an invitation. 

  2. Fenwick & West, who uses social media to showcase their clients. They’re not the first firm to do that, of course, but in turning their Twitter feed into a channel for celebrating everything they care about, they spend more time than most congratulating their clients, like Lending Club for its IPO, and Square for its $100M+ sales day. What’s more: they do it with personality, a refreshing change from the all-too-common announcements of white papers, lateral hires, and lawyer recognitions we typically see on law firm Twitter feeds. We need more of this.

  3. Shearman & Sterling’s Richard Hsu, who uses social media to build a presence. We’ve been watching Hsu’s videos since he and his daughter Maya cleverly broke down complex legal issues in easy-to-understand presentations. Recently he moved from video to audio in what has become a fascinating series of interviews with in-house counsel and other lawyers on life, law, and the things they love to do. The HsuUntied podcasts are fun to listen to, and they give Hsu an opportunity to be himself by turning the spotlight on others, and in doing so demonstrate that he’s a smart, fun, and interesting person. Just the type of lawyer clients want to hire. 

  4. Jacob Sapochnick, the San Diego Immigration Lawyer, who uses social media to market his practice. Lots of solo practitioners use Facebook to generate attention, show off their knowledge, and share information relevant to their clients and potential clients. But not many of them have more than 115,000 likes or nearly 15,000 followers on Twitter. While there’s no telling how successful Sapochnick is with his practice, it’s clear that he’s building a useful presence, one post at a time. 

  5. JD Supra, who uses social media to gain exposure for their clients. Aviva Cuyler and Adrian Lurssen, the founders of JD Supra (and my former employers), thought lawyers could get more exposure for their written work if they took it to the places where clients hang out. They were right. First it was Facebook and Twitter, then LinkedIn with a JD Supra app, and most recently they inked an agreement with ALM’s Law.com to feature the content of JD Supra contributors. And they’ve likely got more up their sleeves for the lawyers who publish on the site.

  6. Bennett Jones, who uses social media to recruit associates. Sure, every firm posts job opportunities on LinkedIn. Touts their incoming class on Twitter. There aren’t that many, however, who create a Twitter feed (@myfutureinlaw), Facebook page (My Future in Law at Bennett Jones), and YouTube channel dedicated to recruiting. Does that set them above the crowd of peer firms clamoring for the same candidates? Maybe. Either way, it’s clear that Bennett Jones is willing to experiment with social media to communicate with its audience. And that’s a good thing.

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Happy Holidays from your Social Media SIG Leaders!

  • Lindsay Griffiths, International Lawyers Network
  • Laura Toledo, Nilan Johnson Lewis
  • Nancy Myrland, Myrland Marketing & Social Media
  • Gail Lamarche, Henderson Franklin
  • Lance Godard, Fisher & Phillips LLP

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