On the 7th Day of Social Media: 7 Twitter Tools to Try

qpvqrpvg.pngAnother day, another technology tool. One can become overwhelmed with all of the latest apps. But that's what these lists are good for - prioritizing and weeding out of the junky ones. (I was limited to only seven recommendations...you're lucky). ;)

In recent years (should I say months?), Twitter has a handful of useful tools and third-party apps that make my life easier, I’m sharing those with you today.

  1. TweetDeck. Twitter might have acquired my favorite app, but it still works like I want it to. The great thing about TweetDeck is that I'm able to set up a whole bunch of columns to segment my Twitter feed into easy to read/follow streams. It works with bit.ly and a few other URL shortening apps, and it now allows me to schedule tweets. The only bummer with this - no phone app! Boo. (My phone app of choice (currently) - Plume.)

  2. SocialBro. I haven’t spent a ton of time using SocialBro, nor have I splurged on the premium version (come on, SocialBro, where is my free trial??), but I like what I see so far. It’s got a lot of neat features that help me determine when the best time to tweet is, what my followers are saying, demographic reports, who is currently active on Twitter, all that good stuff. Most of the super cool features are paid, but I am still enjoying the free version. It's interesting to get more than your basic number-of-click analytics. 
  3. BufferApp. Out of all the apps on this list, I think I use Buffer the most. Buffer posts content to Twitter (and a few other social networks) directly from my browser. It has add-ons for Firefox and Chrome so I'm able to tweet out links to content with a single click. I can add multiple accounts, schedule Tweets, and view analytics. It also sets the queue based on what the best times to tweet are (it also syncs with SocialBro for that information). It's convenient, and that's what I like best.
  4. Bio is Changed. This is an interesting tool - it sends you an email when your followed-Twitterers change their bio. Think of it like LinkedIn status updates, but for Twitter. You can use it as a "touchpoint" with your followers. But be careful: I'd recommend setting your email alerts to daily or weekly, otherwise you'll get a ton of emails (if you follow a lot of users). 
  5. Riffle. This app helps you know your followers better. It stands alone as a browser app, but also integrates with Twitter, TweetDeck, and Hootsuite. The tool allows you to view a little side window that tells you the top hashtags, mentions, and URLs for the user, among a few other pieces of info. 
  6. Twitonomy. The tool is similar to SocialBro, and it's another one of those premium tools. However, the free version still gives you lots of graphs and charts to analyze your followers and who you're following. You can even manage your lists (this is a huge plus). I definitely think it's worth a look for all of you Twitter users.
  7. Hashtagify. Get intel on hashtags you're following. I can see this being beneficial for your job - check to see what other relevant hashtags you might use to promote content. See the top influencers in those areas and try to get on their radar. You can even see when the best times are to use that hashtag. 

Now that I've listed seven...what am I missing? What are your go-to tools for Twitter?

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Happy Holidays from your Social Media SIG Leaders!

Lindsay Griffiths, International Lawyers Network
Laura Toledo, Nilan Johnson Lewis
Nancy Myrland, Myrland Marketing & Social Media
Gail Lamarche, Henderson Franklin
Lance Godard, Fisher & Phillips LLP

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