On the 1st Day of Social Media: 1 Content Marketing Prediction for 2015...

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On The First Day Of Social Media, Your SIG Leaders Gave To You, A Prediction For 2015 

The wait is over. THE 12 DAYS OF SOCIAL MEDIA ARE BACK! And your SIG Leaders, Lindsay Griffiths, Gail Lamarche, Nancy Myrland, Laura Toledo, and Lance Godard are glad you’re back, too.

Today is the first day of the 2014 LMA Social Media SIG’s 12 Days of Social Media. To kick it off – one social media prediction:

Content marketing will change your life in 2015…

As far as predictions go, that one's not particularly earth shattering, right? After all, content marketing has been around forever (long before that’s what we were calling it that, anyway). And we’ve been talking specifically about content marketing in the legal profession for a year or two at least. So why do we think it will change your life in 2015?

Because it’s catching on in a big way (think LinkedIn Publisher, for starters)… And that means law firms - and legal marketers - are going to have a lot more competition for their written materials in 2015. They're going to have to stop talking a haphazard, 'let's-keep-tweeting-and-posting-on-Facebook-the-links-to-our-content" approach to getting their work in front of the people who buy their services. They're going to have to write better, to tell better stories, to articulate the skills they have to solve the problems their clients face, using the very language that those clients use to describe their problems. They - and that means all of us, too, - are going to have to get better at this, to spend more resources, to develop stronger strategies, to stop doing the things that don't work and start doing more of those that do.

So when we predict that content marketing will change your life in 2015, what we’re really predicting is that you will change. You’ll get a lot better at this. We’re betting on you.

Happy holidays, and enjoy the rest of the 12 Days of Social Media!

Read more on content marketing here:

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Happy December....Happy 12 Days of Social Media....and Happy Holidays! 






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