On The Fifth Day Of Social Media: Five Fave Social Personas


On the 5th Day of Social Media, your SIG Leaders gave to you: FIVE (Funky) FEARLESS LEADERS Videos...

  1. Lance GodardInternational guy. Law biz dev and marketing. Founder of 22 Tweets (@22Twts). Dad, husband, yogi, runner, cyclist, TV watcher, eater.
  2. Lindsay Griffiths: Marketer & Events Planner Extraordinaire for International Lawyers Network; photographer; yogi, military supporter, huge NJ Devils fan & crazy about my Bassets!
  3. Gail Lamarche: Marketing Director at @HenlawSWFL; seminar/event planner; social media fan; loyal New England sports fan tranplanted in #swfl #patriots #redsox
  4. Nancy Myrland: LinkedIn & Twitter Trainer | Marketing & Social Media Advisor | Speaker | I help lawyers, law firms & legal marketers understand Marketing & Social Media.
  5. Laura Toledo: Writer/editor/dreamer. Lover of literature & digital media. Always learning, smiling. Legal marketer. Sometimes crafty. MMA fan.

Our videos are so much fun each year that they're the one thing we have to continue doing! In 2012, I asked everyone what their favorite thing is about being a Social Media SIG leader; last year, they gave me their favorite social media tools. This year? We're talking about our favorite social media personas! 

  1. Lance Godard: "Brian Cuban: I chose Brian because he uses SM to build his own brand, as well as awareness for eating disorders / body dismorphic issues. And he's completely personable, at times goofy and human like the rest of us.” 

  2. Lindsay Griffiths: "There are so many that I enjoy following, but my favorite at the moment has to be Dean the Basset Hound on Instagram - not only is he the most adorable basset hound puppy, but his owners take great shots, have a great sense of humor, and do a nice job of promoting dog-related brands." My video is not *technically* a holiday video, but it was too funny to resist!

  3. Gail Lamarche: “Jimmy Fallon: I'm impressed with his social media use. It's not about him, it's about the fans and connecting with them. His instant feedback is what fuels his creative genius.” 

  4. Nancy Myrland: "Jay Baer: I admire his brilliant marketing mind, and the resources and tools he uses to communicate with us, which are inspiring me to add them in the near future, and the fact that he now lives in my state, Indiana.”

  5. Laura Toledo: "George Takei: I like George because he's funny/entertaining and timely. He engages with fans regularly and listens to them. Sometimes he goes so far as to apologize for things he's posted because his fans feel strongly about it.”

You may also want to check out last year's 12 Days of Social Media if you're new to our SIG and our 12 Days from 2012!

We look forward to sharing the next 7 Days with you - check back on Monday to see what your SIG leaders will bring you on the 6th Day of Social Media! 

And one last point - the 12 days of Social Media are just part of what you get when you're a SIG member. To get full benefits: join the Social Media SIG, join the LinkedIn LMA Social Media SIG private group, join the LMA Social Media Private Group on Facebook and if you're not already a member of LMA, join here. As a member of the Social Media SIG, these posts will be sent to you automatically via the Groups ediscussion Forum.

Happy Holidays from your Social Media SIG Leaders!

Lindsay Griffiths, International Lawyers Network
Laura Toledo, Nilan Johnson Lewis
Nancy Myrland, Myrland Marketing
Gail Lamarche, Henderson Franklin
Lance Godard, Fisher & Phillips LLP

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