LMA Southwest Region Local Steering Committee Leadership for 2020

The LMA Southwest Region is pleased to announce that all 2020 Local Steering Committee slates have been ratified.

We are excited to have each of our local groups led by these dynamic leaders in 2020 and are confident they will continue the good work of their peers from 2019. Should you be interested in volunteering in 2020 – whether that be for the local programming, communications, membership or sponsorship committees – don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the leaders below or click here to connect with our Southwest Region board.

Congratulations again to this group – we look forward to your leadership in 2020.

Austin Local Steering Committee

Clara Bonilla, Chair

Melissa Robles, Chair-Elect & Programming

Mary C. Stephens McGinnis, Membership


Baton Rouge - New Orleans Local Steering Committee

Elizabeth Brick, Chair

Glynna Mayers, Chair-Elect

Brett Napier, Member-at-Large

Louise Vallejos, Membership

Collette Csintyan, Programming

Courtney Keller, Communications


Dallas Local Steering Committee

Martha Barrios, Chair

Adam Barvels, Chair-Elect

Brandice Johnson, Membership

Brooks Igo, Sponsorship

Brittany Lewis, Programming

Kaymen Maggiore, Member-at-Large

Stacey Hall, Member-at-Large, Immediate Past-Chair 


Denver Local Steering Committee

Kourtney Goebel, Chair

Steven Goodall, Chair-Elect

Amber Vincent, Member-at-Large

Eric Schwartz, Member-at-Large

Whitney Kerr, Member-at-Large

Spencer Clark, Member-at-Large

Katherine Wright, Member-at-Large


Houston Local Steering Committee

Mackie Wood, Chair

Jessica Cox, Chair-Elect

Laura Davis, Programming

Bonnie Buffaloe, Communications

Rita Rodriguez, Membership

Bekah Barret, Sponsorship


Phoenix Local Steering Committee

Anna Walp, Chair

Emily Tucker, Chair-Elect

Laurie Bergantino, Member-at-Large

Lauren Barlow, Immediate Past Chair


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