July Boston Program Recap: Using Process Improvement to Boost the Bottom Line

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(From left) Presenter Catherine Alman MacDonagh, sponsor Gail Paul of Next Level Promotions, sponsor Eileen Kiley of EMK Consulting Group and presenter Matt Parfitt of Vuture.

The LMANE Boston July lunch program featured a presentation on how law firms can boost profitability through strategic and systematic improvements to internal processes, including marketing and business development. 

Co-presenter Catherine Alman MacDonagh, the CEO and founder of the Legal Lean Sigma Institute, dispelled the notion that lawyers as a rule are resistant to change. Attorneys are willing to accept change if it is supported by data and a compelling argument – and it isn't too risky, she observed. 

With that in mind, she said legal marketers have the challenge of making the case for changes in the way firms market themselves and engage in business development initiatives. 

Firms can grow business, for example, by demonstrating to prospective clients how streamlined internal processes would enable the firm to efficiently handle a particular legal project. The ultimate goal of improving project management processes, Catherine said, is to reduce legal costs, increase budget predictability, and improve legal outcomes. 

Legal marketing professionals can make the case for process improvement in areas directly under their control, such as event planning, according to Catherine. For example, mapping out a timeline with an effective visual graph can help marketers efficiently plan events and deliver good results.

Catherine described specific examples of clients and law firms working together on continuous process improvement initiatives to solidify their business relationships through greater collaboration, reduced costs and improved results. From a branding standpoint, these firms are using their process improvement programs to set them apart from competitors on the value they deliver to clients. 

In a 15-minute TED-style talk, co-presenter Matt Parfitt, President of Vuture and a director of the LMANE Regional Board, discussed how automating data management can help law firms efficiently capture new contacts and leads for further relationship building.  

Automating marketing initiatives – such as email, content and events – enhances the ability of marketers to plan strategically and better control their marketing campaigns, according to Matt. 

Attendees enjoyed lunch and networking prior to the presentation, which was hosted by Foley Hoag and co-sponsored by EMK Consulting Group, LLC and Next Level Promotions. 

The next LMANE Boston lunch program is scheduled for Sept. 18 (Noon-1:30 p.m.) at McDermott Will & Emery, and will feature a panel discussion on how law firms can grow business opportunities through diversity programs. We hope to see you there!

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