Positioning Yourself for Success: Get to Know LMA Northeast President Liz Cerasuolo

Cerasuolo Liz 2018.jpgAs part of a series with leaders in our industry designed to provide Future Leaders with career advice, and tips and strategies for becoming their best professional selves, we asked Liz Cerasuolo, the 2018 LMA Northeast President and Director of Business Development and Marketing at Goulston & Storrs in Boston, for her success tips on effectively managing your career.

What advice do you have for those legal marketers who are new to the field and looking to build their professional brands?

Read – a lot! There is a lot of information at your fingertips, take advantage of that. And be a team player. They need you and you need them. You are better together.

What do you think is the key for success as a legal marketer today?

To quote Chris L’hommedieu: “Don’t take shortcuts in your development. There will always be someone offering you more money or less hours.” Success is a path you drive; a series of challenges and opportunities that will each provide you with step forward and upward. Also, ask questions. Seek out feedback and truly listen to it. 

What is the best career advice that you ever received?

Oh, this is a tie….Reality is perception – and you can manage it! If your work is perceived to fall one way despite your best efforts, you need to take that feedback and work with it to adjust expectations and exceed deliverables. The second bit of advice is to be better. Push yourself to be really and truly great because good is not going to get you where you want to be. And one more! Have courage. Courage to try, trust and tell – and look for ways to stretch your capacity in each of these buckets every day.

 What do you wish you could tell your younger professional self?

Pause. I didn’t truly learn the value of the pause until about ten years into my career and I am a better team member and leader for it. The old “think before you speak” advice? Brilliant. Pause to look at how everything falls into place for everyone involved, pause to consider consequences, actions, possibilities, how you and the team can be better, just pause. Everyone will benefit.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love the people, the energy, the creativity and the challenges. I have been fortunate to be part of some remarkable teams and thrive on collaborating, having courage to take risks, try new things and be better.

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