LMA Boston Program Recap: Recalibrating from “Non-Lawyer” to Revenue Enabler

2018-02 Boston.jpgSavannah Alden, Jennifer Scalzi, Vanessa Schaefer

Shifting the perception of legal marketers from "non-lawyers" to Revenue Enablers™ involves a multi-step process of empowerment, Jennifer Scalzi, founder and CEO of Calibrate Legal, told a capacity audience at the February13 lunch program of LMA Boston. 

According to Jennifer, immediate past president of LMANE, a variety of factors contributes to the "non-lawyer" perception, including:  

  • Lawyers view marketing as non-billable/low value time;
  • Legal marketers, as employees, do not have an ownership stake in law firms; and
  • Critically, legal marketing professionals often lack a full understanding of the firm's business model and how they contribute to the bottom line.

Jennifer outlined the traits of Revenue Enablers™ and explained how legal marketing professionals can proactively alter lawyers’ perceptions of their value by emphasizing big-picture analysis; using data to make decisions; seeing growth of the law firm as paramount; having a high level of accountability; and consistently striving for progress rather than remaining within a comfort zone.

It's essential for legal marketing professionals to have at their fingertips information and data to answer key questions, such as demonstrating how the firm's marketing initiatives create value, and whether they believe that their marketing and business development team's involvement increases the firm's win rate in pitches for business.

Emphasizing that changing internal perceptions will not occur immediately, Jennifer said opportunities abound for incremental improvements, such as communicating "wins" internally to key decision makers and influencers, speaking with purpose at every opportunity about projects you are working on, and obtaining information to help understand more fully your firm's business model. 

At the outset of the lunch program, sponsored by Clockwork Design Group and hosted by WilmerHale, the 44 attendees had an opportunity to network and catch up with contacts.  The event was the first for LMA Boston in 2018.  The group's March 14 lunch program will feature a discussion on the state of the legal industry in 2018 and beyond, covering industry trends, and challenges and opportunities based on economic data through 2017.

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