Announcing the LMA Bay Area Virtual Community Meet Up Series

In these uncertain and challenging times, it’s important to balance the reality of our circumstances, while also working to find positives even in the worst of times. It is our character, commitment to our greater community, our spirit and our relationships that foster our ability to get through a crisis. 

As such, our Bay Area LMA community matters more than ever and we want to offer you the support and resources you need to navigate these difficult times. We are hosting a series of “LMA Community Happy Hour Meet-ups” via Zoom, that offer both recommendations and resources to support you professionally, while giving members a chance to connect and support one another. 

Each “meet-up” will feature a timely and relevant topic led by a facilitator, and then open the discussion up to the group to share best practices, insights and experiences while enjoying some social time and fun online. 

Reaffirm your approach, learn new strategies and enjoy Happy Hour with colleagues!

Our sense of shared purpose and positive energy will go a long way to support one another!

Feel free to sign up for one or all three, noting that we are limiting participation in each “Meet-Up” to 15 members in order to facilitate a better Zoom experience and not overload the discussion.



#1: Staying Motivated and Productive While Working Remotely 

Being productive in any situation is not about the quantity of work you achieve in a workday. With a work environment that has completely turned on its’ head, we need to look even more closely at how to be productive. Other important variables need to be considered when measuring your efficiency and productiveness. Often our regular workday in the office operates on auto-pilot and we become comfortable with a routine.  That behavior can lead to job dissatisfaction and apathy.

Suddenly, our environment has changed, our work habits have changed, and our productivity is affected.  For some, they may find they can be more productive in the new situation. Others are struggling with chronic distractions, interruptions, isolation, uncertainty and the ability to find the motivation at times. There is also often non-verbal pressure to work harder and to “show up” longer to prove that we are handling everything with confidence and ease. 

Please join us on April 16 at 4:30 PM PST for a conversation that will help you understand the full complexity of working productively.  We will discuss some distractions and interruptions that are evident – both in a normal work environment as well as the current remote working – and how to mitigate or control those variables.  We will discuss a simple, but effective, exercise that everyone can do on their own every day to ensure they stay motivated, productive, and successful today and every day. How are you leveraging the new normal to shift your perspective and create new and healthier habits?  Design your workday to achieve success and promote healthier habits.

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#2: Communicating with Employees, Clients and the Media During a Pandemic 

Most law firms have at least some experience dealing with crisis in their organizations. But no firm, regardless of how big it is or how many centuries it has been in business, has a crisis playbook good enough for tackling COVID-19. Because unlike the common scenarios covered in a playbook, our current crisis is not a finite event for which firms can respond confidently to based on a set of facts and a known timeline.

This uncertainty is what we are living and breathing every day. And though we don’t have the answers to questions like “how long?” and “how many?” there are still things organizations, and law firms in particular, can do to guide their organizations and the employees and clients on which they rely for survival, through these turbulent times.

Please join us on April 23 at 4:30 PM PST for a conversation around best practices for communicating with employees, clients and the media during the ongoing pandemic, how best prepare for the unknown challenges facing your firm and guidance on how your firm can communicate confidently in the face of uncertainty.

The roundtable conversation will be led by Zach Olsen, president of Infinite Global. Please bring questions, experiences and insight to share with your LMA community.

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#3: Counseling Attorneys on Marketing, Business Development and Client Engagement During Disruptive Times

Capturing the attention of your attorneys to focus on marketing and business development can be challenging in the best of times, but how do we add value and offer the right support during this crisis and while working remotely? 

Marketing and business development coach, Paige Hutson, will lead a discussion about where to focus attention in working with attorneys in five key areas:

  1. Navigating personal and professional well-being
  2. Communications and collaboration with teams
  3. Client engagement in the context of current environment
  4. Engagement with broader network 
  5. Six-month outlook and planning

Please join us on April 30 at 4:30 PM PST to learn more about how to support attorneys in your firm in their client engagement and ensuring effective teambuilding and collaboration when working remotely.  Gain insights and join the discussion about adding value during times of upheaval and being an important resource to attorneys above and beyond traditional ideas of our marketing and business development contributions.

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