Upcoming Webinar: Developing a Value-Based Approach to Pricing Conversations

Join us for the upcoming webinar Developing a Value-Based Approach to Pricing Conversations on Tuesday, March 23 at noon CT. As budgets and costs become top priorities, the pressure and demand for discounts rapidly increase. In this webinar, you will learn how your firm can reframe the conversation around pricing to focus on what clients truly value: efficiency, predictability in costs and appropriate staffing. 

This is an opportunity for you and your attorneys to learn from a great panel of experts. Encourage your attorneys to register for this webinar to equip them with the tools that will aid them in conversations with clients and give your firm a competitive edge.

We know that value is key to pricing, and it would be an added value if your attorneys were able to participate in this webinar. As an LMA member, you have the opportunity to invite five attorneys that you think would find the most value in this webinar to attend. To take advantage of this offer, have your attorneys use the code “ATTORNEYSEAT” when registering to gain complimentary access.*

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify how clients think about different law firm pricing models and hear directly from clients on where they find value
  • Discuss what clients need to know about your approach when you’re talking about rates and how do you tie this to the value your work provides
  • Learn how to comfortably discuss financial consideration with clients so that the needs of the firm and the clients are being met
  • Identify what firms are doing differently when it comes to pricing and having these conversations with clients


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Gregory Jordan

General Counsel & Chief Administrative Officer

The PNC Financial Services Group


Alex Dimitrief                                               


Zeughauser Group


Tony Licata                                                   

Chief Operating Officer

Morgan Lewis


Mary K. Young (moderator)                           


Zeughauser Group 




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*This discount code can only be used by non-members who are attorneys.

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