Ratify the 2021 International Board of Directors

Based on careful consideration and adherence to the LMA bylaws and criteria established for eligibility, the 2020 LMA International Nominating Committee is pleased to present the slate of candidates for the 2021 LMA Board of Directors. These highly qualified candidates are dedicated to the advancement of our association and pledge to expend significant energy toward that end.

You will be able to review the candidates and ratify the slate on the LMA website — using your LMA login credentials — making it easy for you to participate in this important decision.

Login today and get to know the slate of candidates by reviewing their profiles. 

Ratify the Slate

Ratifications must be completed by 5 p.m. CT on Friday, September 4, 2020.

Partnering With Our D&I Committee

This year, in collaboration with the D&I Committee, important changes were made to the call for leaders process with the goal of diversifying our leadership pipeline. Members were able to anonymously nominate other individuals they believed were well suited for one of the open board positions, and we extended the timing of our nominations process to allow for more messaging from our D&I Committee to encourage more applications. While this did not yield diverse applicants, we will build on these efforts so that we as an organization and as an industry advance on this front. In the coming year, we will continue to work with the D&I Committee, our regions and our local groups to develop and encourage diverse leaders who aspire to join the international board, and I urge all of our volunteer leaders to take a look at their committees, boards, working groups, etc. and make sure that we are being inviting and inclusive to all.

Process for Slate Selection

After the call for leaders closed, the Nominating Committee verified the eligibility of all those who submitted complete applications, interviewed those candidates and their references, and put forth a slate to the board to present to the membership for ratification. 

In adherence with LMA bylaws, the Nominating Committee acts independently of the Board of Directors in its selection of the slate. The Nominating Committee takes the responsibility of developing its selection of the slate very seriously. All candidates are subjected to the Nominating Committee's rigorous vetting process, which includes:

  • In-depth review of all candidate submission materials
  • Video interviews with at least two members of the nominating committee
  • A StrengthsFinder personality assessment
  • Detailed reference checks

The resulting slate of candidates represents a group of members with complementary skills and diverse experiences from across LMA's regions who each bring thoughtful and varying perspectives for how to support our association in the coming years. With our candidate pool and in these challenging times for all, the Nominating Committee placed a particular focus on both regional support and fiduciary duty—all of these candidates have served as board members of their respective regions. I thank each of these individuals for their longstanding dedication and their willingness to step further forward to help lead our association on the international board level.

Thank you for taking the time to review these candidates and to ratify the slate. I am excited about this talented group of leaders who will adeptly serve as stewards of our association. I know that they will help ensure both LMA’s strong future and that LMA continues to deliver value to all of our members to support your professional success.

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