Get the Data You Need to Support Your Teams

Now more than ever legal marketing professionals rely on industry insight and data to build, lead and support strong teams. 

LMA has once again collaborated with ALA to support the organization's highly valued compensation and benefits survey. LMA member firms that participate in this survey get a discount on the final report – giving you access to 400 pages of verified data on compensation and benefits from nearly 1,000 firms.

Participation closes July 10, and your HR teams will need several hours to complete the survey. We encourage you to send the survey to your HR teams now and ask them to join in. 

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Why Participate?
The compensation and benefits report that results from this survey is an incredibly comprehensive report featuring data from nearly 1,000 firms across the country representing 60 different firm positions. The report delivers 400 pages of verified information to determine compensation and benefits for your staff, and benchmark where you stand. It also features data you can trust, as it's reported by law firm HR teams. 

Plus, firms that participate in the survey get a discount on the purchase price of the final report.

How do I get started?
Just send the link to your HR team and encourage them to participate in the survey. The survey takes several hours to complete, so we recommend sending the link early to allow for plenty of time to participate. 

What is the deadline? 
Participation closes July 10, 2020. 

What else should I know?
The report is specifically designed for law firm participation. Please note that some office locations, notably those outside of the United States, have state-sponsored or required benefits that may make some of the benefits questions not applicable to that office location. For those questions, please leave the response area blank at your discretion. You will still be able to complete the rest of the survey and receive the participation rate discount for the full report or special pullout report(s).

You can contact iLumen Support at if there are any questions. 

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