Sharpening Our Focus for 2020

Jill Huse, President, LMA Board of Directors

Our profession is built on more than 400 years of precedent, but that does not mean we should be confined by antiquated ways of thinking. Now is the time for forward-thinking strategy, to blaze the trail for what’s next and to face this next chapter head-on. This year, I challenge us to:

Embrace Change: Change starts with you, and there is no better place to help sharpen your vision and become your best self than at the LMA Annual Conference . This year’s conference is all about elevating ourselves, our profession and the industry – from elevated content in an accelerated format with a targeted spotlight on wellness, to the can’t-miss keynote and change agent, Baratunde. Join us in Denver from March 25-27.

Seek Collaboration: As we’ve learned from our Next Big Thing, service is still king. I encourage us all to seek best practices from those who handle client experience exceptionally well – from corporate America, to our colleagues in plaintiff firms mastering customized client service. Seeking out opportunities to collaborate with and serve clients better may breathe new life into your firm’s strategy.

Think Differently: It’s not just the dawn of a new decade; 2020 also marks LMA’s 35th anniversary. As we celebrate this milestone, the Board looks thoughtfully to the future. I’m excited to share that we’ve launched several initiatives all in the name of thinking differently for the greater good of our members and the industry – from task forces dedicated to wellness, corporate social responsibility, LMA’s brand story and improving communications, to a future-focused 2030 task force.

2020 will undoubtedly be a year marked by change, but it is up to us how we respond – as a community. And that’s the good news: we are a community, and we’ll face this next chapter together, with a wealth of knowledge and resources at our fingertips. Cheers to all of you who push us to embrace change, think differently and collaborate more closely to elevate the profession and industry further.


Jill Huse
President, Legal Marketing Association
Partner, Society 54, LLC
Charlotte, NC (Southeast Region)

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