3 Reasons to Participate in the ALA Survey

LMA is thrilled to be contributing organization to the ALA Compensation and Benefits Survey along with ILTA this year.

Why are we excited —
and why should you participate?

Three reasons come to mind:

1. You asked for it!

As part of the 2018 Member Benefits Research, the number one "wish list" item that rose to the top was without a doubt a salary survey.  We heard you, listened and took action. That's where our partnership with ALA comes in.

2. It has The trust of the industry

ALA's Compensation and Benefits Survey is the most trusted salary survey in market for the legal industry because the firm data is reported by HR departments for each job description that, as of this year, has been vetted by corresponding industry associations like LMA and ILTA. 

In fact, according to the 2011 Culpepper Compensation Market Pricing Practices Survey, over 70 percent of companies refuse to use compensation data collected from individual employees while 15 percent of organizations only use surveys with employee-provided data when no other resources exist.

Survey Chart

Simply put, self-reported data from individual employees is not as reliable or trustworthy.

That makes it all the more important and notable that participation in the ALA survey is strictly limited to HR departments so that the pay data is verified and entered by the appropriate job. 

3. It's Even Better This Year

Both LMA and ILTA collaborated with ALA this year to include an expanded number of marketing, business development and technology roles with revised descriptions in this year’s survey to better reflect the legal marketing and technology positions of today.

So, what changed, say you?

  • 14 new legal marketing positions added beyond the original four positions
  • All job descriptions for the new and existing marketing positions were written and extensively vetted by LMA's Compensation Survey Task Force
  • 9 new technology positions added beyond the original 11 positions


How Can You Help?

We are so excited that this new and improved survey is in market, and we hope that you are excited too because we need your help!

The survey is only as good as the data collected, and we are committed to expanding the number of firms that participate in this survey across the United States and Canada. 

It's Time to Tap on (HR) Shoulders

This survey is filled out at the firm level by HR, so we strongly encourage you to share the value of this survey to the industry and your firm with your HR team today. Here are the participation instructions your HR team needs to get started:

  • If you already have an account in the system, please click hereto access your account. If you need help with your credentials, please contact support@ilumen.com
  • If you are a new user, please register for a survey account here.

This is a very comprehensive, time-consuming survey - as any good survey is - so the more time you can give HR, the better it will be for everyone. So the time to take action and tap on shoulders is now.

The survey will close on July 5, 2019. 


ALA 2019 Compensation and Benefits Survey

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