Upcoming Webinar: Tackling the Marketing Department Budget Like a Pro

Join us for upcoming Tackling the Marketing Department Budget Like a Pro webinar June 11 at noon CT! Hear unique insights from four CMOs regarding their budget process, including aligning firm strategy to firm budget, addressing unexpected expenses, overcoming challenges and budgeting effectively. 

Learning Outcomes:
    • Learn budget processes, structure, challenges and best practices
    • Learn how to align firm strategy and practices to ensure proper budgeting
    • Understand the value of effective budgeting and processes

        Allen Fuqua, Principal, Allen Fuqua Strategies
        Michael Blachly, Chief Marketing Officer, Gray Reed & McGraw
        Clinton Gary, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer, Burr and Forman LLP
        Ryan Pasquali, Chief Marketing Officer, Brooks Kushman P.C.

        Learn more and register today! 

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