Upcoming Webinar: Approaches for Increasing Lawyer Engagement with Marketing and Business Development Technology

Technology provides many ways to make our lives easier, keep us in-the-know, and ensure productivity. However, how do you overcome the hesitation lawyers often feel toward developing technology, so that they can incorporate useful technologies and tools in their practice? On Tuesday, April 2, attend our upcoming webinar, "Approaches for Increasing Lawyer Engagement with Marketing and Business Development Technology" and identify ways to increase engagement and affirm value. The panelists will share survey results from LMA Marketing Technology SIG members and disclose best practices for overcoming lawyer apathy regarding technology engagement. 

Learning Outcomes:
    • Establish what gets in the way of lawyer engagement with technology
    • Identify examples of successful approaches for increasing engagement 
    • Demonstrate and share ways to increase engagement by providing value to attorneys
    • Evaluate options to supplement attorney participation through automation or engagement from other key personnel

        David Freeman, Founder/CEO, David Freeman Consulting Group; Founder, Law Firm CultureShift®
        Chris Fritsch, President, Client Success Consultant

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