LMAEC 2020 Call for Volunteers

Interested in volunteering with the LMAEC? There are currently several positions available on the Toronto Local Steering Committee (“LSC”).

The LSC is composed of volunteers that are vital for leading the development of in-person programming and networking within their local group. Candidates are dedicated to the advancement of our association internationally, regionally and within their specific local group and pledge to expend significant energy toward that end.

There are many reasons to get involved – from giving back to the organization, to expanding your leadership skills, gaining industry knowledge and creating an international professional network and lifelong friends. Further, meeting the right people in the right way can mean the difference between a steady career and a skyrocketing career. There is no better way to connect with the rising stars and established leaders in legal marketing than through local volunteerism.

LMA is a special organization and one that I’m truly passionate about! LMA has helped my career in more ways than one – giving me the tools and opportunities that I need to advance. When someone says ‘volunteering’ we don’t necessarily associate that word with a positive experience and I think that’s why some are hesitant to get involved. LMA provides an amazing experience – to be an integral part of a supportive community and one in which allows continuous learning and improvement. Not to mention the strong relationships that you can build! So don’t think of it as volunteering because it certainly doesn’t feel that way!– Jessica Horowitz, LMAEC Volunteer of the Year (2019)

Take the next step in widening your legal marketing networking net by getting involved in a volunteer capacity. Committees looking for volunteers include: 

  • Events
  • Programming
  • Membership
  • Sponsorship 

If you're interested in learning more, we encourage you to reach out to any of the following volunteers: Valerie Laplante, Morgan MacLeod, or Lindsey Bombardier.

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