Congratulations Jenna Brooks - 2017 LMAEC YHA Award Winner – Rising Star

Written by: Lindsey Bombardier, Director – Marketing and Business Development, Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Griffin LLP

In 2017, we received more Rising Star nominations than in any previous year. As Program Chair for LMANext, I hope this is, in part, due to our region’s enhanced focus on supporting the young and talented next generation of legal marketing professionals.

The LMA Rising Star award recognizes someone who has less than 10 years of overall work experience in legal marketing. The honoree is truly “one to watch” and shows promise of leadership in the future. This award is judged based on the following criteria:

  1. Contributions to the profession;
  2. Future leadership potential; and
  3. Contributions to the LMA and the community at large.

It was my absolute honour and pleasure to present Jenna Brooks, Digital Media Specialist at Stikeman Elliott with the 2017 Rising Star Award.

Jenna has been with Stikeman Elliott in a marketing/communications role since 2011, being promoted twice before accepting her current role as Digital Media Specialist. Jenna’s time at the firm has served her well; giving her a deep understanding of the firm’s processes, culture and people. She has made herself, not only a valuable member of the marking team, but also the firm at large. Lawyers rely on her expertise and trust her skills. When two partners were asked to comment on Jenna’s performance and the value she brings to her role at the firm, they remarked:

“Jenna has deep technical knowledge combined with the rare ability to apply it through the lens of the user experience as well as organizational realities. She is a pleasure to work with and we are lucky to have her as part of our team!”

“Jenna has many strengths but her "super power" is solving problems where the issues and context are ambiguous and dynamic. She digs deep, applies creativity and determination and rallies the team toward a user-friendly (and often unique) solution. The sky’s the limit for Jenna, and I can’t wait to see how her career unfolds!”

Jenna recently worked on the national brand refresh and website launch. These were significant, strategic projects for the firm, and Jenna was singled-out as a key contributor. When asked about the website project, Jenna said:

“Working on our (LMAEC award winning!) website stretched my career in so many directions. It included a collection of smaller projects; like requirements gathering, spec’ing out technology integrations, designing cross-department and multi-office workflows, implementing an SEO strategy, identifying KPIs and developing a measurement plan and more. This meant working with new teams across the firm — getting a better understanding of their objectives and challenges — and finding solutions that met their needs. With website projects, the launch is never really the end, but a new beginning. But it has been incredibly satisfying to put something ‘out there’ and watch people interact with it.”

Jenna has spent a lot of time outside of the office learning skills to elevate her role, and it’s clear that she is committed to investing in her career. When I asked what she thought made a great legal marketer, she said:

“You have to be adaptable and have a growth mindset. With lean teams and busy ‘day jobs’ it can be difficult to stay current and take time to find new efficiencies or take advantage of new technologies. Adaptability comes in the ability to see beyond the hurdles and be willing to change the way you’ve always done things.”

In addition to volunteering with the Toronto Humane Society over the past several years and contributing to last year’s Elevate Toronto Festival, Jenna is a member of the LMA Eastern Canada programming committee and provides assistance with the organization’s various digital needs. Jenna recognizes the value of LMA and notes:

“The LMA helps me maintain relationships with professionals in the industry with whom I can problem solve and bounce ideas around. It provides a platform to share the struggles and successes with people who truly understand everything that goes on behind the scenes.”

Congratulations to Jenna on a bright start to what will, no doubt, be a long and meaningful career.


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