LMA April Luncheon Applying Design Thinking – Stage 1 (Empathize)


Applying Design Thinking – Stage 1 (Empathize)
Learn About Your Audience to Understand Needs, Get Buy-In and Develop Solutions

This year, we have shaped our program around the theme of Design Thinking and how it can be applied to legal marketing and business development challenges. Coined to describe the processes and approaches that architects, urban planners, industrial designers and other creative professionals bring to their work, Design Thinking is now being applied by a variety of businesses.
Our sessions will offer insight into each stage at a high level, as well as some case studies for the practical application of this methodology.
This session will align with Stage 1 of Design Thinking, which focuses on understanding the needs and pain points of your clients and stakeholders. Learn how others in professional services are applying these skills to build alliances, scope projects, and design thoughtful solutions in their organization.

Matt P. McKenzie, PwC, Marketing Director, Industry & Segment Marketing

Kate R. Simpson, Bennett Jones
, National Director of Knowledge Management

Debbie L. Stojanovic, KPMG Canada, National Marketing Director, Audit & Governance Program

Register for the April 25, 2017 Luncheon Here: http://emailcc.com/rv/ff002f33780381d7b4425931bc429897db97f0d1



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