Announcing the Launch of the Philadelphia CMO SIG

Welcome to the newly launched LMA Northeast Philadelphia CMO SIG! 

This group is designed to complement the national LMA CMO SIG and will focus on the first chair role at law firms in the Philadelphia (& beyond) region.  

2018 is off to a running start and as the 2018 chair, I'm hopeful to schedule three in-person events coordinated in the coming months. If you have particular program suggestions, speaker recommendations and/or you are willing to host an event at your firm please let me know.  

If you know of contacts who serve as the first chair marketer in their respective firm and they are current LMA members, please invite them to join our CMO SIG using this link. Contact me directly at or call me at 302-888-6206 should you have any questions. Stand by for your invitation to a "Kickoff & Cocktails" event in late February.

 In the meantime, don't forget about the national CMO SIG program that was promoted earlier this week: Legal Operations as a Business Development Tool. Click here to register.

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