Lessons Learned during COVID-19

To our LMA Mid-Atlantic Community –

Summer has arrived and we in the Mid-Atlantic region are cautiously coming out of quarantine and balancing our new realities. Our firms are looking at lessons learned during our time working remotely and how to incorporate them in our work lives moving forward. I encourage you to also look back at your lessons learned at both a professional and personal level.

Crises have a way of teaching us lessons that we need to learn in an uncomfortably accelerated way. They force us to take inventory of the things we missed, the things we didn’t, and how we will integrate that knowledge into our daily lives. For me, it will look a little like this:

I missed lattes. I didn’t miss it so much that I felt the need to buy an espresso machine, but I think when I do get a latte, I am going to slow down and savor it.

I missed connecting with my coworkers. When I get back to the office, I am going to leave my space more often and make regular plans with coworkers. I am going to intentionally call colleagues in other offices to simply say hi, not only to discuss a problem. 

I missed my LMA community. Even though I am entering the second half of my presidency, I am looking for ways to continue to volunteer and grow our community.

I enjoyed moving slower. I am going to schedule less and make my interactions with other people more impactful.

I enjoyed taking time to learn new skills and taking advantage of all the great content organizations are producing. I am going to make a list of skills that I am interested in exploring, and make time for weekly personal development.

I found within myself more patience. I have been more patient with my colleagues, my family, and myself. I will work to keep that gentleness with others and myself present moving forward.

We have all been changed by this collective experience, but it’s up to us to decide how we move forward as individuals and as an industry.

Rachel Shields Williams
2020 LMA Mid-Atlantic Regional Board President


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