To our LMA Mid-Atlantic community –

I am heartbroken and outraged about the recent acts of racial discrimination and violence. To our members of color, we see you, we hear you and we support you. The diversity of our members is what makes our organization the amazing, powerful community that we are. And we will not tolerate racism and hate.

We are committed to doing the work to engage with these issues, and now more than ever this is a priority for our region and there will be more conversations and action to come – starting with our Summer Town Hall. We want to acknowledge this situation and open the door for communication, transparency and support, within our community. This is an area of growth for us as an organization and as individuals, and we are committed to continue to make positive changes.

I know that it is easy and understandable to feel angry, sad or helpless, but there is so much each one of us can do to make a difference every day. We are an incredibly talented organization and I hope you will use your skills to channel your anger into thoughtful action.

As Blair Imani said “If you want to pursue activism, your first order of business is to pick a lane. If you have spent your whole career doing marketing for corporate entities, don’t drop everything and become a grassroots activist. Maybe look at how you can use that marketing experience to get those corporations to do more social justice work.”

We stand with you and hope to provide the support and resources that will help you influence your firms toward change.

Rachel Shields Williams
2020 LMA Mid-Atlantic Regional Board President

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