Baltimore Local Program Recap: Small to Mid-Sized Law Firms Think Tank: Part II (What Does a Client Feedback Program Look Like in a Mid-Sized Firm?)

Client feedback reporting continues to be a hot topic in legal marketing. If your firm is not doing client feedback reporting, it should be. The benefits include finding untapped opportunities, uncovering (and fixing!) client concerns, “institutionalizing” the client, helping to understand client decision marketing and overall positive client relationship building.

Outsourcing client feedback programs can be advantageous in part because consultants are asking the tough questions. Clients like that firms care enough to ask the questions. Some firms find that providing the questions in advance is a helpful tactic.

Client feedback can also serve as a cross-marketing tool for attorneys. Conducting exit interviews (not done by the matter’s lead attorney) through a post-matter meeting or call and actively discussing the feedback also is a useful form of client feedback reporting.

Sometimes a more informal program is a better fit for a small to mid-sized firm. Internal business development professionals can establish routine feedback meetings for the attorney with their clients, and they also can attend to take notes. Absent a formal feedback program, you still can set up action items at the conclusion of a matter (e.g., lunch, phone call). Client-facing business development professionals can ask the client for feedback informally as well.

If client feedback is new to your firm, start small with a pilot program. Choose one attorney who is interested in learning about how a client feedback program works. Share the feedback and the outcome of the pilot with the firm. These benefits should far outweigh attorney skepticism.

Check out Parts I and III for an in-depth dive into managing marketing components on a limited budget and collaborative business development opportunities.

By Janessa Shaikun, Director of Marketing at Franklin & Prokopik and Alice H. Simons, Marketing Communications Manager at Hudson Cook, LLP

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