2019 Mid-Atlantic Your Honor Award, Business of Law: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett and Dunner, LLP

The 2019 Mid-Atlantic Your Honor Award in the category of Business of Law went to Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett and Dunner, LLP, and its innovative implementation of Intapp Experience, a cloud-based experience management system. Intapp Experience provides a user-friendly and efficient platform for Finnegan to collect and curate information that is relevant to their current and prospective clients while highlighting their professionals’ expansive technical expertise. For this profile, we consulted with Terra Liddell, Finnegan’s Chief Marketing Officer, and Allyson Drysdale, Senior Marketing Manager, Business Intelligence.

“As one of the world’s leading intellectual property (IP) law firms … it’s critical to showcase the ways our lawyers deliver value – by identifying its professionals who bring the right skills, knowledge, and technical expertise to client engagements. Clients choose Finnegan because of the firm’s highly specialized expertise in industries as diverse as 3D printing, aerospace, artificial intelligence, biologics, chemicals, clean energy, electronic devices, nanotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, among others. In fact, more than 60 of Finnegan’s lawyers hold doctorate degrees, and more than 100 hold master’s degrees. Leveraging their sophisticated knowledge and insight is paramount in both winning new work and exceeding client expectations in current engagements.” – Intapp, Inc. 2019 Case Study

Prior to implementing Intapp Experience, Finnegan was using a homegrown system and a series of spreadsheets to capture the firm’s prior work and technical experience used to win new business and exceed client expectations in current engagements. As the system required lawyers to send queries through the marketing team, rather than accessing data themselves, the process had become very slow.

“The information our previous homegrown system captured was extensive,” says Terra Liddell, Finnegan’s Chief Marketing officer, “However, we continued to expand the amount of information we were tracking, and needed a more dynamic and professional-facing solution.”

Finnegan looked for an experience management system to support this mission-critical workflow throughout the entire client lifecycle, from pitching for the work, retaining the work, and building the appropriate client and/or matter teams. As Finnegan explored its options, it became clear that Intapp Experience was the only solution that could tie into and draw insights from other internal business systems, including those that cover the firm's website (CMS), Intake, Conflicts, CRM, budgeting, and billing. Most importantly, Intapp Experience syncs with these systems quickly and effectively.

“We had the data we needed at the firm, but it was stored in dozens of different locations. Now that we integrate with these other sources, our data entry time has been drastically reduced, allowing us to track more detailed information that our IP professionals need when preparing pitches, work teams, or client meetings.” – Allyson Drysdale, Senior Marketing Manager, Business Intelligence

Intapp Experience has been integrated into the daily routines of many at the firm, from professional staff to attorneys. Users can find information about the firm’s experience in front of specific judges, in targeted venues, and with niche technologies. The results can be filtered and exported quickly, providing data that is customized to highlight previous experience rather than relying solely on third-party searches.

Now that Intapp Experience is fully implemented, Finnegan sees 30% of its IP professionals using the system daily. As of November 2019, Finnegan currently maintains nearly 3,000 case records with 16% of those records created since launching in January 2019. In addition, the marketing department at the firm has increased its response time significantly, allowing the firm to focus on “phase 2” and shift the focus to the additional experience needs and knowledge management the firm needs to access – such as experts the firm routinely works with.

“In a highly competitive marketplace, Finnegan’s ability to use and process its data quickly and effectively represents a fundamental strategic differentiator and provides a distinct advantage. As one of the world’s leading IP law firms, Finnegan needs to showcase the knowledge and insight its lawyers bring to every engagement, and put relevant information about professionals, cases, clients, and matters to use. The firm needs to demonstrate custom-tailored knowledge to address clients’ unique requirements and to demonstrate its experience and technical expertise in real time. By capturing a deeper level of insight via Intapp Experience, Finnegan can turn capabilities into outcome and business-based discussions with clients and prospects.” – Terra Liddell, Chief Marketing Officer

By Tara Marshall-Recas, Contract Market Specialist, McDermott Will & Emery LLP

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