Editor’s Note

As 2019 draws to a close, so too does my service as your Mid-Atlantic Region Newsletter Committee Chair and Editor. For me, and many others, LMA is a network of friends, supporters, mentors, sounding boards – and sometimes even the competition. Our greatest value is in the relationships we build with each other, and the openness in sharing ideas and best practices, talking through challenges, and supporting one another when it matters most. I am proud that the newsletter is another way we, as a region, connect with one another, share our knowledge, and elevate our profession as a whole – because we all rise with a rising tide.

While I’ve worn many hats since joining LMA in 2014, my time on the Newsletter Committee has perhaps been the most inspired and impactful. I joined the committee in 2015, authoring my first article, a Baltimore “City Group” program recap, in October 2015. In 2018, I took over as Editor and Chair, following in the footsteps of Emily Flowers, from whom I had learned so much over the years. It was with excitement – and some trepidation – that I stepped into the leadership seat and published my first newsletter in January 2018.

It is now with an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude that I reflect on what we have accomplished. Over the past two years: we’ve moved to a quarterly production schedule and redesigned the look and feel of our region’s newsletter template; our content has been selected for republication in LMA Weekly and Strategies+, which reach the entire LMA membership of over 4,000 members in 33 countries; our content has been selected for republication in the print and online editions of NALP Bulletin, which reaches an audience of 2,500 legal career professionals; we’ve consistently had content from each issue republished by JD Supra; and we’ve collaborated and shared content with the Maryland Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators.

As with most great accomplishments, I could not have done this alone. I’d like to express my gratitude to the entire Mid-Atlantic Region Newsletter Committee, dozens of guest authors along the way, our region’s supportive Board of Directors and Social Media Committee, and the team at LMA headquarters. Special thanks to Rebecca Edwards, Ashley Hollingsworth, Gina Eliadis and Adam Hopkins for their dedication and tireless commitment to making each issue a success.

To the entire LMA Mid-Atlantic Region, it has been my pleasure to serve you. Wishing you all the best in 2020.


Ashley Smith Rosenblatt

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