Capital Local Program Recap: Inspire Me! Life Lessons from Your Peers

The Capital Local Group and Senior Leaders SIG teamed up in September to put on a program with eight speakers along with moderator Jeff Roberts of Moiré Marketing Partners, to deliver messages of inspiration and describe how passions outside of legal can positively impact our performance in the workplace and empower us to live more fulfilling lives. Below are brief summaries of each presentation.

Laura Genovese encouraged the audience to take a leap of faith in pursuit of those things they really want to do. She drew from her own experience starting her own consulting firm, Genovese Consulting. There were points when she could have given up, but she persevered. She shared tips on how to set yourself up for success (and deal with failures along the way) and maintain the enthusiasm and drive to chase your dreams.

Azeema Batchelor described the many correlations between her love for cooking and being a legal marketer, such as, following recipes exactly until reaching mastery, at which point you’re now free to make it your own. She focuses on client service as a form of hospitality through relationship building, observing first to learn the why of how things get done, and doing her best, improvising when necessary to please the key stakeholders in the room.

Lilly Scott brought us back to her kindergarten days when, like many of us, she was asked the question, “what do you want to be?” When it came Lilly’s turn, she proudly said, “I want to be happy!” The statement was followed by a deafening silence. She explained how we can change our thought process and shared her approach to living a more joyful life.

Sherry Palomaki discussed the importance of appropriately leveraging the talent of different people in your organization. Recognizing that everyone has different skill sets is paramount to success in maximizing productivity and fitting the interest of the employee.

Renee Branson focused on improving your well-being, inspiring others to embrace vulnerability, establishing boundaries, and living authentically.

José Cunningham spoke about diversity and inclusion beyond the typical sense of statistics and superficial representation. He focused on a deeper sense of inclusion – being able to hear and learn from those of other backgrounds, embracing their cultures and perspectives. José emphasized that everyone, whether it be a client, employee, or candidate is now looking for mindful inclusion. The days of platitudes are behind us.

Nikki Stevens shared her love of music and how by sharing this with her colleagues, she was able to connect with them on a more personal level. This resulted in meaningful relationship building through a highly competitive and fun playlist challenge amongst her tax lawyers.

Kelly Stuart discussed work life balance and the importance it plays in her life. She emphasized the importance of compassion and kindness in the workplace, and how that is what people will remember most about your time with an employer.

The program speakers were: Azeema Batchelor, Associate Director of Business Development, Wiley Rein; Renee Branson, Founder & Principal Consultant, RB Consulting; José Cunningham, Principal, Cunningham Consulting LLC; Laura Genovese, Founder, Genovese Consulting; Sherry Palomaki, Director of Operations, Seyfarth Shaw; Lilly Scott, Director of Public Policy, Van Ness Feldman LLP; Nikki Stevens, Senior Practice Group Manager, Eversheds Sutherland; and Kelly Stuart, Director of Business Development, Dentons. Jeff Roberts, Partner, Moire Marketing Partners, moderated the panel.

By Kathryn Santerre, Client & Industry Teams Manager at SheppardMullinand Arthur Uratani, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Bookoff McAndrews

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