President’s Message: Voice of the Client

The voice of the client is the most important voice of all. Whether that voice is one of an internal client, as you support one of your attorneys’ needs on a business development initiative or marketing project, or if you are directly interfacing with the clients of your firm: we all must listen intently to and react adeptly to the pain points our clients face on a daily basis. The practice of law is a people game, and client service is a never-ending process in which we strive to make any and all interactions result in added value beyond what shows up on the bill.

Client service goes beyond the results of the case or the timeliness in which emails are responded to during the engagement; it includes purposefully learning more about the client’s business, what keeps them up at night, what the future may bring and how to advise them accordingly to avoid future struggles. It even means little things, like the ease in which they find your office, the cleanliness of the conference rooms they meet your attorneys within, or the forethought given to being a true partner to them, above and beyond the necessary involvement to handle their matter. Sometimes, those little things mean more than we realize.

As you can tell, client service is not simply part of LMA’s Body of Knowledge but is also a topic that is near and dear to my heart. As Director of Client Development at Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, I spend my days looking to find opportunities to help our attorneys deliver paramount client service. I seek to connect with our clients and prospects, digging deeper into how we could add value to their day-to-day operations and personally to each of them. I look for ways in which we can improve upon our current processes, and I spend an inordinate amount of time asking our clients (both internal and external) what they would like or what would add value. Clients appreciate being asked for their opinions and take pride in telling you more about themselves and their businesses.

In this issue of our LMA Mid-Atlantic Newsletter, our authors address some of the approaches law firms employ to deliver better client service, including streamlined proposal technology to simplify the response time, drilling down on a firm’s culture and the effect it has on the client experience, LMA Mid-Atlantic members who focus solely on client experience and relations, educational opportunities to learn from client needs and retool the firm’s approach to service, and much more. Read on, and I assure you, you will come away with applicable tips and tricks to apply in your firm right away.

As always, I encourage you to reach out to me to share your thoughts and ideas on how your firm is delivering top-notch client service or ways in which you are continuing to improve upon your definition of it. Schedule time to connect with me; I promise to listen and take your feedback seriously, in hopes that it can improve our region’s offerings for its most important audience – YOU, the members. If you’d prefer to email, do not hesitate to contact me at


Jenna Schiappacasse

2019 LMA Mid-Atlantic Region President

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