President’s Message: Leadership in 2019

A wise friend once taught me that movements within society are far less about the leader of that movement and far more about the people who choose to be part of it. The leader creates a sense of loyalty, and by which ideas are disseminated with understanding and empathy, but the group as a whole is the most important voice. In other words, leadership is not about wielding power over others; it is about effecting change on something that will long outlive your reign. For that very reason, I dedicate this issue of our newsletter to you – the LMA Mid-Atlantic membership – as your success and professional growth is what makes our leadership worthwhile.

Legal Marketing Association has always presented me with key opportunities to hone my leadership skills. It has provided me with the insight to best serve our membership at a local and regional level, access to a variety of leadership roles within which to practice them, and a wide network of fellow leaders to learn and grow together. My very first experience with LMA leadership began a decade ago on the Capital Chapter’s Communications Committee, where I authored thought leadership pieces for the quarterly newsletter. The leadership of that committee, at the time by the inimitable Sabrina McGowan, is part of what lead me to pursue the leadership of the Baltimore City Group for four years, and then to join the board during regionalization. LMA has equipped me with leadership skills and a drive to help others.

In this issue of our LMA Mid-Atlantic Newsletter, our authors offer insights on mindfulness in leadership, profiles on local leaders within our LMA community, articles on leading from the middle to support your lawyers, leading a department, several book and program reviews on relevant topics, thoughts on showcasing leadership through social media, and more; truly, this issue has something for everyone seeking to learn more about leadership.

As always, I encourage you to reach out to me to share your thoughts and ideas on how your path to leadership is enabled by your involvement in LMA, or how we can better assist in outfitting you with the right tools to pursue growth. Schedule time to connect with me; I promise to listen and take your feedback seriously, in hopes that it can improve our Region’s offerings for its most important audience – YOU, the members. If you’d prefer to email, do not hesitate to contact me at


Jenna Schiappacasse
2019 LMA Mid-Atlantic Region President

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