President’s Message: Legal Marketing Essentials: Tools to Drive Success in 2019

A new year; a fresh start. A time that naturally spurs reflection and resolutions. When I embarked on my first role as a marketing coordinator (for a firm which previously had no such position), I found myself excited to take on a challenge, but hopelessly lost as to where to find the right tools to succeed. In attending my very first LMA Annual Conference, I was over the moon to find the LMA QuickStart pre-conference session; it outfitted me with so much of the necessary skills-training, industry insights, and general tips that made my entry into this unique industry so much smoother.

As time passed and my role within my firm changed, I still turned to LMA for the answers and the tools with which to succeed; I sought the advice of my trusted colleagues, dug into the webinars provided by national and in-person programming provided by my local group, and culled the sage wisdom of those who’d “been there before” or were going through similar initiatives. The forthright sharing of best practices, missteps to avoid, and innovative ideas is truly staggering within our sector of the legal industry, despite its innately competitive nature. Being shown not only where to find these tools for success, but also how to appropriately use them strategically, is something for which I am forever grateful to LMA.

In this issue of our LMA Mid-Atlantic Newsletter, our authors offer insights on some of the tools you can utilize to drive success in your own career growth in 2019. Whether it’s a matter of overhauling your digital presence, kicking off a business development coaching program for your up-and-coming associates, utilizing strategic planning best practices, honing sales techniques, or keeping mindfulness present in your daily routines, this issue has something for everyone.

I encourage you to reach out to me to share your thoughts and ideas on how these tools resonate with your personal goals for career success. Schedule time to connect with me; I promise to listen and take your feedback seriously, in hopes that it can improve our region’s offerings for its most important audience – YOU, the members. If you’d prefer to email, do not hesitate to contact me at


Jenna Schiappacasse
2019 LMA Mid-Atlantic Region President

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