President’s Message: The Rise of the Marketing Technologist

I grew up as a member of the last generation to remember life before computers were in every house and cell phones in every hand. Technology has revolutionized how we live – from how we communicate and engage with people at work to how we buy goods and services. If we think about how technology has developed in just the past few years, it is astonishing to see the rate of change and how we have adapted – and the pace of evolution shows no signs of slowing. In the past few years, we have seen the emergence of ever more complex and impactful technologies, from artificial intelligence, to cryptocurrencies, to blockchains and the Internet of Things. How will statues and legal frameworks evolve to address the growing disruption in these areas? How will law firms engage differently with policy makers, regulators and private sector corporations? What will the global reach of these technologies mean for law firms that operate within and across jurisdictions?

And beyond the external impact these technologies will have to legal clients, what will they mean for the legal industry itself? How quickly will our attorneys embrace new tools, new modes of information exchange and transparency? Most importantly, what role will we as legal marketers play in helping support this great wave of change? The possibilities are tremendous, but so will be the risks and the challenges. However, those challenges will no doubt create significant opportunities for legal marketing professionals to collaborate, to share information, and to add value in ways not previously seen. All of us will have to continue to adapt to the emerging technological changes, not just those of us with “technology” in our title. For savvy legal marketing professionals open to engaging with, adapting, and tailoring those new technologies for use in our firms, I expect those professionals to come to be seen as thought leaders, more deeply embedding the value proposition of legal marketing in firms as an agent of positive change.

In this issue of our LMA Mid-Atlantic Newsletter, we explore key technologies that we have come to rely on to advance our marketing efforts, such as websites and search engine optimization, and the emerging roles and responsibilities of the legal marketing technologist. Stay in touch and let us know more about the role that technology plays in your role and your firm!

Debbie Leitner
2018 LMA Mid-Atlantic Region President

By Debbie Leitner, Senior Practice Manager, Katten Munchin Rosenman for the First Quarter 2018 LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Newsletter

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