Baltimore City Group September Program - LinkedIn: It’s Not Social, It’s Business

The Baltimore City Group decided to take a stab at a new format for its last program of 2014.  Legal marketers were asked to attend, but also to bring an attorney or two from their firm, for an interactive program led by Intero Advisory principal Colleen McKenna.  Everyone was instructed to bring a laptop or tablet, and the group was lead through several LinkedIn updates, as well as tactical takeaways to apply to their own social networking.

Colleen stressed that LinkedIn is not social media—it’s a business development tool.  The company intends to become more of a job board going forward, and the ultimate mission of LinkedIn is the make the largest economic graph in history—in other words, to connect the most people with available jobs in the world.  There are 2-3 people joining LinkedIn every second; this makes it both more valuable and more chaotic as time goes on.

LinkedIn is pertinent to marketers in law firms for many reasons: raising the firm’s visibility, building relationships, leveraging your professional expertise, new business development, and creating/maintaining digital influence.  People who are engaging with our companies and our firms have already vetted our attorneys before they have a conversation with them.  Colleen said that clients are 70% along in their process of deciding whether or not to engage with you when they meet you. 

Use LinkedIn efficiently and effectively by remembering these tips:

  1. Develop your professional brand – update your profile, tweak it when necessary, remember to use keywords, and use a professional headshot.
  2. Build a strategic network – fill your network with clients as well as prospects and strategic partners, industry associates, and a few general rock stars.
  3. Connect online and offline – remember to follow up, personalize 95% of all messages and requests you send, send a thank you after connecting, and stay in touch with quick messages, likes, comments and shares.
  4. Participate – It is estimated that you will have 8-12 “touches” before you get a meeting, so use LinkedIn to create as many of those as possible.  When someone connects, send a thank you.

Also, remember your purpose for using LinkedIn – is it because you need to hire staff? Because you want to repurpose content?  Not everyone’s use of LinkedIn has to be the same, but acknowledging why you are using it can help you to use it most efficiently for your needs.


By Jenna Schiappacasse, Director of Marketing,  at Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, LLP for the September/October 2014 issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter.

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