Legal Marketing & Your Future: Actively Planning for Your Success

Over 50 members attended the January program presented by Jennifer Johnson Scalzi, Founder and Kate Harry, Recruitment Manager, J. Johnson Executive Search, Inc.  (Johnson).

Attendees got a vibrant reminder of how important it is to proactively nurture and care for your own career.  The program was packed with excellent tips for getting valuable feedback from your manager, employees and other internal groups. They also reminded us to reassess our career paths and goals on a regular basis. 

Johnson emphasized the importance of keeping your resume current, even if you aren’t looking. You might need it to take advantage of an opportunity within your current firm. In addition, it’s very important to make sure that your resume and your LinkedIn page match. Otherwise, it raises questions or doubts about the validity or completeness of one or the other.

According to a 2010 Microsoft® study, 75% of employers research candidates online before pursuing, and 70% of these do NOT pursue candidates based on what they see.

Johnson suggests that you fully complete your experience section with summaries of each position using key words that people might search for. To make sure you update it regularly, set a calendar reminder to update it quarterly.

Johnson also discussed some legal marketing hiring trends, such as:

  • Regional marketing roles are on the rise as firm’s endeavor to add a personal touch and increased involvement in branch offices.
  • Social media positions will likely die out over time as more attorneys handle their own pages.
  • Project and people management skills are likely to be in higher demand in the near future.

Both speakers emphasized that success is rarely, if ever, a smooth upward path. There are twists and turns, and steps backward and sideways as we strive to move past obstacles and challenges in our lives.

Author’s Note: Normally, I wouldn’t address the venue for the program, but the chapter had booked a new venue—The Ronald Reagan Building—and there were a multitude of comments about the pleasant room which allowed for natural light, as well as the excellent food and service. There will be other new venues in 2014 as the chapter seeks to improve programs while keeping costs under control.

By Elaine Noble, President, Noble Pursuits LLC for the January/February 2014 issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter. 

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