LMA Ohio Continues Award-Winning Law School Workshops

LMA Ohio won the 2012 Outstanding Chapter Award thanks to the breadth of achievements from our 2011 year of operation. The judges were most impressed with “Basics and Beyond: A Legal Marketing Workshop,” designed specifically for law students. LMA international judges said: “This type of creativity in programming hasn’t been seen before. It is a potential model for other chapters to follow.”

The first workshop was held at The University of Akron School of Law in January 2012, and additional events have taken place at Cleveland State University Cleveland-Marshall School of Law, The University of Toledo College of Law and Capital University Law School. Recent
workshops include a February event at The University of Toledo College of Law, a March event at Capital University Law School and another planned at The University of Akron School of Law in April.

These workshops demonstrate that our chapter continues to lead the way in this LMA initiative. If you’re interested in getting involved the workshops, contact Brittaney Schmidt. Read on for recaps and previews of our 2013 workshops.

LMA Ohio board member Jim Barone presents at the University of Toledo College of Law.

University of Toledo College of Law
On Feb. 22, LMA Ohio and The University of Toledo College of Law Office of Professional Development collaborated to present a comprehensive educational program to current law students and recent graduates. The program was a half-day conference that concluded with a networking reception with the students, presenters and area attorneys.

Starting off the program was the Honorable James D. Jenson, who discussed trends in the legal industry, a historical perspective of the practice of law and practical advice for attorneys preparing for their careers. The next presentation featured LMA Ohio board members Jeff Dennis and Mark Elliott, who discussed a range of topics including the business of law, marketing and building relationships, generational considerations and social media. The final presentation was a dynamic session conducted by alumni and marketing executive Jim Barone, also a member of the LMA Ohio board. Jim discussed the how-tos of networking and relationship development as well as several simulations to foster attendee interaction.

Heather Karns, Assistant Dean of Career Services and Alumni Affairs, was appreciative of our chapter’s participation and thanked everyone for their efforts to make the event a big success.

Capital University Law School
Dean Rich Simpson developed and teaches a class to third-year law school students at Capital University called “The Business of Law.” This is just the second year the course has been offered at CapLaw — the result of Dean Simpson seeing an unmet need and filling it for his students.
Realizing that most students taking this class will soon graduate from law school and proceed to either open a solo practice or work for a small firm, he wanted to properly prepare them for running their own practices and gaining clients. The course covers many topics, including Jill Rako’s session focusing on business development and marketing delivered for the first time March 7.

The session was an extremely lively two hours covering everything from reputation management to effective social media use for lawyers. Then, the students developed draft business development plans.

After class, Dean Simpson said to Jill: “The students will benefit more than they even realize ... from this presentation.”

Legal Marketing Workshop Series for Akron Law Begins in April
On April 4, LMA Ohio and The University of Akron School of Law will kick-off our second annual legal marketing workshop series. The programs will cover key marketing, business development and client service skills that new attorneys need to succeed. Akron Law students will learn basics about law firm functions, tips on how to form a business development plan and ways to increase visibility through outstanding external communications — online, in print and through speaking opportunities.

Panelists are Rob Phillips, Mark Elliott and Jeanne Kostelnik, and the moderator is Jennifer Shankleton.

A second business networking workshop is in the works for fall 2013. Contact Courtney Kall if you’d like to be involved.

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