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There are many really good blogs out there—too many to mention in this short space.  This column looks at a small handful of some of the best, and some of the unusual, blogs of 2012.  For folks who don’t have, or want, an i-Phone, Oklahoma lawyer Jeffrey Taylor writes a blog for lawyers about Android devices and other Google-related products.  The blog is written in a smooth, easy-to-read style and offers practical information on how to incorporate Android devices into the practice of law.  Jeff offers lots of tips and tricks for lawyers who have strayed from Apple.  One recent post, for example, was about “2012’s Best Android Apps for Lawyers”.  Another article was “How-to:  Sign a Pleading on an Android Device.”  A must-read for anyone with a Droid.  Patently-O, the Nation’s Leading Patent Law Blog, has consistently been ranked as one of the best patent law blogs.  Co-authored by Dennis Crouch, of the University of Missouri School of Law and Jason Rantanen of the University of Iowa College of Law, the blog also features guest posts by various patent law practitioners.  The articles are well-written, easy to read and help lawyers in this field keep up with the latest developments in patent law.  Written by D.C. lawyer, Carolyn Elefant, this blog is for and about solo practitioners.  Elefant pens well-written, information-packed articles about topics critical to successfully building and maintaining a law practice and addresses issues specific to solos and small firms.  She writes articles on tech and web trends, (Social Media v. Referrals: No Longer an either/or proposition), ethics and malpractice issues, (Advice on Giving Legal Advice), choosing a law firm name (Whatever You Call Yourself, Please Don’t Sign Your Pleadings This Way), finding your passion (Back of the Napkin Business Plan for Starting a Law Firm), and many more, all written in an informal easy-to-read style.  This is my personal favorite.  This blog is based on the premise that lawyers take themselves a little too seriously and sometimes, there really is humor to be found in the law.  And when that humor is there, Kevin Underhill, a partner in the San Francisco office of Shook, Hardy & Bacon, will find it and write about it in such a way that the reader can’t help but laugh out loud.  There aren’t too many legal blogs with a regular column entitled “Assorted Stupidity” that recounts some of the more ridiculous legal actions of previous few weeks.  Well worth a read. No list of best law firm blogs would be complete without the SCOTUS blog.  Long considered the “gold standard” for law blogs, the SCOTUS blog celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2012.  The blog’s writers explain, often in clear, non-legal language, the complexities of Supreme Court cases. They do this so effectively that even President Obama logged in to the live blog of the Supreme Court’s health court ruling!

By: Ellen Katlin for the January/February 2013 Issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter.

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