LMA National Conference Wrap Up

For the 4th year in a row, the Capital Chapter sent two lucky winners of the Annual Conference Conference Scholarship Contest to LMA 2011 for free!  Here, this year's winners, Anne Nicole of Covington & Burling and Kiara Hughes of Miles & Stockbridge share their experiences and learnings from the conference.  Once again, we would like to thank our generous sponsor, The National Law Review, for its continued support of this contest.

Impressions from the LMA Conference

Thank you to the LMA Capital Chapter for such a great opportunity. There were many aspects of the Legal Marketing Association conference that impressed me, but I'd like to share my top four:

  • The digital talent of the LMA. I arrived in Orlando three days before the conference to have a bit of leisure time and of course, see Mickey Mouse.  The day the conference started, I was still in leisure mode and I wasn't sure where I had packed my schedule of events. Armed with only my iPhone, I went to www.LMAConference.com and was redirected to a mobile site that was reformatted specifically for all of the smart phone users attending the conference. It may seem small, but the thoughtfulness of this convenience dominated a number of my conversations.
  • Session speakers. Two sessions really stood out. One was about RFPs, the other about process improvement. It was obvious from the start of the sessions that the speakers had put time and thought into their presentation, and I left these sessions feeling equipped and motivated to improve in these areas.
  • Kindness of strangers. The alumni from my current firm, none of whom I had ever met, approached me, introduced themselves, and made it a point to introduce me to other legal marketers. I met marketers from Canada to Alabama, and regardless of their geography, all were inclusive and welcoming.
  • Vendor generosity. How many people got professional photos from Gittings? Wine from Jai Wallace and the ALM team? Cupcakes upon returning to our rooms? I spoke with rankings companies, videographers, and web firms - all were happy to discuss my firm, and none were pushy. This is not what I expected, and is a stark difference from other non-legal conferences I have attended in the past.

Many thanks again to the LMA Capital Chapter for sending me to this conference. I encourage those members who have not gone to an annual conference to apply for the scholarship next year. It is well worth the trip!

By Anne Nicole, marketing manager at Covington & Burling, for the March/April 2011 Issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter

Conference Tips For Future LMA "First Timers"

I am grateful to have received the 2011 LMA Annual Capital Chapter Scholarship, which funded my participation in LMA's 25th Anniversary Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. I was lucky enough to attend with more than 1,100 legal marketing professionals from across the country, making this year's event one of the best attended in LMA's history.

Following are some tips that "first timers" may find helpful in the future:

Before the conference:

  • Join the LMA conference group on LinkedIn as soon as you know you are going.
  • The connections you make will be invaluable. Make sure you take plenty of business cards.
  • Review the descriptions and handouts for each of the breakout sessions. All of the topics are timely and informative and you may feel a bit overwhelmed if you try to do it while you are there.
  • Allow plenty of time for travel. Get there early and leave late so that you have enough time to attend all of the sessions.

During the conference:

  • Be prepared to hug and be hugged. One of the very first things I noticed when I arrived at the conference is that regardless of your level of experience or how many conferences you attended in the past, everyone makes you feel like you are part of the LMA family.
  • Plan to attend all the general sessions, lunch meetings and networking sessions.
  • If you are invited to attend an evening event, you should try to go. I was invited to one hosted by American Lawyer Media and another hosted by Akina Corporation. Both were amazing and fun!

After the conference:

  • Follow up with your contacts. Send them an invitation to connect with you on LinkedIn.

By Kiara Hughes, Communications Specialist at Miles & Stockbridge P.C.,  for the March/April 2011 Issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter

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