On The 12th Day of Social Media, My SIG Leaders Gave To Me....

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On The 12th Day of Social Media, My SIG Leaders Gave To Me....an LMA Social Media SIG 12 Days of Social Media Holiday Party!

That's right! After all of the excitement, education and collaboration of the 1st 11 Days of Social Media, we decided we needed to celebrate this 12th and last day with all of you! 

Mark Your Calendars for 2PM ET Today!

We'd like you to come join us over on Google+ at 2PM ET for a good old-fashioned Google+ Hangout On Air. Just kidding about the "old-fashioned" part. Google+ and Hangouts haven't been around long enough to be called anything close to old-fashioned! 

Google+ Hangouts have tremendous internal and external communication uses, so we think you will find today useful and fun as all 5 of us will run down The Top 12 Tips for Google+ Hangouts.  

BREAKING NEWS!! In case you missed our 12th Day of Social Media Party today, here's the replay! In it we show you how to use Google+ Hangouts On Air, and how your firms could be using them to communicate with all target audiences.

>>>> bit.ly/U2pyY2<<<<<

You Don't Have To Have a Google+ Account To Come To Our Party

Not on Google+ yet? Not to worry. Because we have chosen for this Hangout to be On Air, you will be able to watch it LIVE on YouTube. SIG Leader Lindsay Griffiths is graciously allowing us to host this HOA on her YouTube Channel, where anyone in the free world can watch, interact and attend. Drats...that means we have to behave....kind of. 

Here ya' go: Lindsay's YouTube Channel

If you do have a G+ account, you can watch here if you'd like: Lindsay's Profile Page 

Whichever you choose, we can't wait to have you with us today.  

If you choose to "join" the Hangout via Lindsay's G+ page, note that only 10 are allowed in the actual Hangout, which means you will show on camera with us, and will be a paermanent part of history as it is recorded on YouTube!  If you miss that opportunity to join, you can still watch there or on the YouTube channel above. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed bringing these 12 Days of Social Media to you, and hope you have found a few resources that are useful. 

See you at 2PM!! 

Your Social Media SIG Leaders:

Gail Lamarche

Lance Godard

Lindsay Griffiths

Laura Toledo

Nancy Myrland

Okay, here's the sing-along portion of this post.....go ahead, have some fun. You deserve it!

Eleven LinkedIn Leaders...

Ten Tweeting Tweeters...

Nine Necessary Blogs...

Eight Enlightening Videos…

Seven Social Podcasts…

Six Scintillating Webinars…

Five (Funky) Fearless Leader Videos…

Four Facebook Fans…

Three Thrilling Photos…

Two Terrific Liaisons…

…and a Community Page in a pear tree.

Last point - the 12 days of Social Media is just part of what you get when you're a SIG member. To get full benefits: join the Social Media SIG, join the LinkedIn LMA Social Media SIG private group, join the LMA Social Media Private Group on Facebook and if you're not already a member of LMA, join here



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