On the 10th Day of Social Media, My SIG Leaders Gave To Me, 10 Tweeting Tweeters…

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It’s not a social media holiday without mentioning Twitter, an open source of education in 140 characters or less. Below is a list of ten #LMAMKT Tweeps within the Twittersphere that we recommend you follow:

  1. @Heather_Morse – Heather Morse, Legal marketer, mom, girl scout leader, 80s music chick, wife to Sports Dude, culinary Jew. Go Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers. We just need an NFL team! Tired. Los Angeles, CA · http://www.legalwatercoolerblog.com. Heather was the very first person I followed on Twitter and suggest you should do the same!
  2. @SonnyCohen - Sonny Cohen, Internet marketing, online social phenomena, professional service firms, irony, inline skating, birding & last night's dinner Chicagoish, http://bit.ly/3fdWtG. Sony and his company, Duo Consulting, have been long time supporters of LMA and always share great information.
  3. @JRFitzgarraldJonathan Fitzgarrald, Legal marketing CMO driving revenue generation and market visibility. Rescues lawyers and dogs. Noted blogger, http://BADfortheBRAND.com. Los Angeles, California · If you are looking for tips on personal branding and how you can help your attorneys, follow Jonathan.
  4. @adriandaytonAdrian Dayton, Father, husband, lawyer, speaker, author of LinkedIn & Blogs for Lawyers & Social Media for Lawyers. NLJ columnist. Just climbed Kilimanjaro, Marathoner, BYU fan, Buffalo, NY · http://adriandayton.com. I have seen Adrian speak at several LMA National Conferences; make sure you attend the next one!
  5. @larrybodineLarry Bodine, @Lawyerscom #Editor in Chief for #legal #news, http://about.me/larrybodine  #journalist. Chicago, IL · http://blogs.lawyers.com. Larry is a great source for our industry in terms of business development and web marketing.
  6. @russ23229 – Russell Lawson, Strategist and marketer for professional services, blogger, writer, composer, singer, relationship builder. Richmond, VA · http://www.russell-lawson.com. The most distinguished legal marketing professional in a bow tie.
  7. @attnyatwork - Attorney at Work delivers one really good idea every day to help enterprising lawyers create the career and life they can love, http://www.attorneyatwork.com.
  8. @adrianlurssenAdrian Lurssen is co-founder of @JDSupra. Love lit, travel, family, my band, entrepreneurship, absurdity, good butter, puerh, the Dead. From Cape Town. Was an early Yahoo employee. Mill Valley, CA.
  9. @melaniegreenMelanie Green, Legal marketing & business development, information soaker, Husker fan, sports junkie. Indianapolis, IN.
  10. @jenniferlinnJennifer Simpson Carr, Legal marketing maven. News addict. Lover of red wine and good coffee. College athlete turned bikram chick & 13.1 runner. Puppy momma. NYC transplant. Phoenix, AZ.

Last but not least, make sure you follow your SIG leaders, Nancy Myrland, Lance Godard, Lindsay Griffith, Laura Toledo and myself.

Nine Necessary Blogs

Eight enlightening videos

Seven social podcasts

Six Scintillating Webinars

Five (Funky) Fearless Leaders Videos...

Four Facebook Fans

Three Thrilling Photos

Two Terrific Liaisons

…and a Community Page in a pear tree!

Last point - the 12 days of Social Media is just part of what you get when you're a SIG member. To get full benefits: join the Social Media SIG, join the LinkedIn LMA Social Media SIG private group, join the LMA Social Media Private Group on Facebook and if you're not already a member of LMA, join here.

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